Five Posture Tips to Improve
the Golf Swing for Beginners 

If you find yourself slamming your golf club into the ground because you can’t get your swing right, we hear you! Nothing is more frustrating than having an improper golf swing. Below is a list of five posture tips to improve the golf swing for beginners.  

Tip One: Alignment

A new golfer will make massive improvements with the proper golf posture.

Your upper spine, knees, and balls of your feet should line up on top of each other with the back knee slightly turned inwards towards where you're aiming. You will want to use your hips, and you’ll know you have the proper stance if your buttocks stick out slightly (shown on the right).

If you're looking to get longer drives, make sure to keep your spine straight as well.  

Tip Two: Balance

When a golfer becomes unbalanced they are likely to falter in their shots. To improve in balance, focus on distributing your weight evenly between your toes and heels. Depending on which club you use you will want to distribute your weight a little differently for each.

Your weight should be slightly more distributed on the target-side foot when using shorter irons and clubs.

Your weight should be distributed evenly when using middle iron shots.

For right-handers place your weight slightly more on your back foot when using long clubs.  

Tip Three: Stance Width

When getting in position to swing, make sure your golf stance is set up correctly. Depending on the golf club you use your stance will vary.

Your legs should be shoulder width apart, with your knees flexed when using a middle iron.

If you are using drivers or woods you will want to widen your stance for more accurate shots.

Your stance should be taken in by an inch or two when using short irons or wedges.

Chipping and pitching shots don’t require a wide stance.

Try out these golf swing tips for beginners to start improving. 

Tip Four: Posture Drill

The fourth golf swing tip for beginners is a posture drill. If you find yourself still struggling with having a flat back try this simple posture drill.

Place the golf club on your nose, chin, and belly button.

The golf club should stay in contact with all three locations as you bend forward. This will force your back to stay straight.

If you feel the club leave those contact points you’ll know your back isn’t straight.

Continue this posture drill throughout the learning process and you're sure to improve your golf swing. 

Tip Five: Strength Training

Core strength is vital for the golf swing. If your core is lacking in strength it can affect your posture.

Strength training can contribute to building muscle that will better help you balance and it may also help strengthen your bones.

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Try out these five tips to improve your posture for a better golf swing!