The Best Golf Exercises To Stay
Fit During the Off Season

Just because it's the off season doesn’t mean you have to be off. Golf exercises are a great way to keep you ready for when golfing season starts back up. Below is a list of the best golf exercises to keep you fit during the off season! 

Warm Up Circuit

Warmups are essential for a safe workout. According to Mayo Clinic, “Warming up helps prepare your body for aerobic activity. A warm up gradually revs up your cardiovascular system by raising your body temperature and increasing blood flow to your muscles. Warming up may also help reduce muscle soreness and lessen your risk of injury.” Complete the warm up below to experience one of the best golf workouts:

High Knee March (20 reps)
Bodyweight Squats (20 reps)
Dynamic Runner Lunges (20 reps)
Skipping (or jumping jacks if you don’t have a jump rope) (50 reps)
Lateral Lunges (10 reps)
Repeat Skipping/Jumping Jacks (50 reps)
Dynamic Chest Stretch (20 reps)
Dynamic Hamstring Stretch (10 reps)
Dynamic Quadriceps Stretch (10 reps)
Side Lying T Stretch (6 reps each side)
World's Greatest Stretch (6 reps)   

Weights and Explosive Movement Circuit

Adding weights to your golf workouts provides a plethora of potential health benefits. Strength training combined with aerobic exercise may improve your thinking and learning skills. Strength training may contribute to building muscle that will better help you balance and it may also help strengthen your bones. There are many benefits to exercising, incorporate the following golf exercises into your daily routine and you may reap the rewards!

Complete 3 times (and if you’re feeling up to it, increase the weight gradually each time you start the circuit over):

Barbell Deadlifts (10 reps)
High Plank Dumbbell Rows (20 reps)
Plank Leg Lifts (20 reps)
Lateral Duck Walk (20 reps)
Med Ball Rotational Slams (20 reps)
Reverse Dumbbell Lunges (20 reps)
Pull Ups (10 reps)
Rest 60 Seconds  

Cool Down Stretches 

According to Mayo Clinic, “Cooling down after your workout allows for a gradual recovery of preexercise heart rate and blood pressure.” Follow the list below for some amazing cool down golf exercises:

Quad Rockers (10 reps)
World’s Greatest Stretch (6 reps)
Side Lying Quadriceps Stretch (30 seconds each side)
Lower Back Stretch (30 seconds each side)

    Workouts for golfers during the off season may set you apart, and get you ready for the next golf season. Try out these best golf exercises today to start preparing for the next golf season!

    Tip: To learn how to perform these exercises watch this video (and/or use a personal trainer to guide you through the movements).