What Degree Is A Gap Wedge -
The Degree, Loft, Or Angle Of A
Gap Wedge

The gap wedge is a unique club that can benefit you in many ways. Below we will talk about what differentiates gap wedges from other clubs. Are you wondering "what degree is a gap wedge?" Find the answer to this question and more below!

What Degree is a Gap Wedge?

A gap wedge is the middle man between a pitching and a sand wedge. That being said, a gap wedge loft is typically around 50 degrees and provides vital yardage between the pitching wedge and sand wedge clubs. 

Why is it Called a Gap Wedge?

The gap wedge got its name due to its ability to fill in the “gaps” between the pitching and sand wedges. 

When Should I Use a Gap Wedge?

Gap wedges are best used for hitting shots that are between 60-100 yards. You will want to consider using a sand wedge when your ball goes into heavy rough. The reason for this is because a gap wedge is designed so that the weight is at the bottom of the club. This weight distribution makes it easier to cut through grass and get the ball out of the heavy rough.

Another good time to use a gap wedge is if you feel uncomfortable using a sand wedge but you're stuck in a bunker. The gap wedge can mimic the sand wedge because of the weight distribution at the bottom of the club. If you do decide to utilize the gap wedge in the bunker, be sure to hit the sand 3-4 inches behind the ball so that the sand can move the ball out of the bunker.

The Best Gap Wedges

Cleveland RTX ZipCore Wedge

The grooves on this club are sharper, deeper, and narrower. This is beneficial because the club can channel more debris, and have more groove contact per shot.


    Mizuno T20 Wedge

    This club creates consistent flight and has great levels of spin even if there’s damp conditions. The hydro micro grooves channel moisture away. The heads are mechanically made so that the club is durable and has a perfectly flat face and a consistent spin when playing.

      TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedge

      This club is unique because MyMG2 can personalize this wedge. You’re also not likely to be blinded from the glare of the sun because of the rustic design.

        Interesting Facts About the Gap Wedge

        • The gap wedge loft is less than that of a sand wedge, but greater than a pitching wedge.
        • You’ll typically find gap and lob wedges in the bags of better players, and sand wedges are more common for all players.
        • The gap wedge also goes by the names of A-wedge, attack wedge, and approach wedge.

          Just like with all the clubs, it’s important to use whatever works best for you. The gap wedge is a great club. Try it out and see how it feels.