What Degree is a Pitching Wedge
in Golf Supposed to Be?

What degree is a pitching wedge traditionally supposed to be? Keep reading to learn the angle of a pitching wedge and why it's important.

What Degree is a Pitching Wedge?

An angle of 43 to 48 degrees is the loft you will want for your pitching wedge.

With this design, you can hit full shots, whereas with a 9-iron it would create too long of a shot. Although the distance is different for each individual golfer, amateurs typically hit 80 to 110 yards with a pitching wedge. You can also use a pitching wedge for half-swing pitch shots and low chip shots.

The loft is the angle between the club face and the ground, and it determines the distance your ball will travel. The club faces have little bounce. As a result, the club face can slide under the ball and get it in the air quickly then softly onto the green.

If the loft angle of the pitching wedge is low, the ball's flight will be lower and its travel will be farther. The least lofted wedge will send the ball the farthest.

When to use a Pitching Wedge

The cool thing about pitching wedges is that they can be used near greens, to get out of sand, and even to get out of woods. Most golfers use a pitching wedge for shots 110 yards or less. It should be used to hit a higher and shorter trajectory than a 9-iron club, and a lower and longer trajectory than a gap wedge club.

    History of the Pitching Wedge

    History shows us that pitching wedges were the first to be used by golfers, and then the sand wedges came in 1931. Pitching wedges were generally treated like they were irons and this is because pitching wedges were numbered as the 10-iron of a matched set, and are often included in many matched iron sets for sale even though other wedges are not included.

      What Are the Best Pitching Wedges?

      Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

      This wedge is great because you can buy it individually and it’s available in 46 or 48 degrees for pitching wedges. Due to the way it was designed it offers more forgiveness at impact and has three different sole grinds. We believe this to be a great option for you.

        Titleist Vokey SM7 Pitching Wedge

        This club is 46 degrees and is made for the right-handed golfer. The club's grooves optimize spin and control and can make your shots more consistent.

          MAZEL Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge

          This pitching wedge is 45 degrees and is made from stainless steel. It was designed to improve your short game and conforms to the rules of golf.

            Now that you know the proper angle of a pitching wedge, shopping for clubs will be so much easier. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about golf!