Three Tips To Improve Your
Golf Swing Technique 

1. Don’t Rush

For the first golf swing basic, don’t rush. When you take your swing don’t think about hitting it as hard as you can. The best way to do a golf swing is to let the speed gradually accelerate all the way down until you hit the golf ball.

You especially want to take your time during the transition from backswing to forward swing. A lot of problems can result from rushing the transition, one of which is a slice.

The next time you go to the driving range take your time on each swing. Spend more time at the top of your swing. You can start with soft wedge shots to feel your transition performance.

2. Keep Still While Putting 

One simple golf swing technique is to stay still while putting. While putting you want precision and control so you can make it in the hole. One way to achieve this is staying still while the putter swings.

In order to keep your body still you’ll need to recognize what areas of your body are needed to swing your putter. Your shoulders should move the putter, while your hands and arms go along with the swing. While swinging the putter your lower body, head and torso below the shoulders shouldn’t move.

One tip to help you stay still is to focus on your kneecaps. If you feel your kneecaps shifting from their original position while swinging you’ll know you aren’t staying still.

Improving your short golf swing technique can shave off lots of strokes from your game. Practice putting drills as much as you can. If you want to learn more putting tips and drills for beginners then check out this blog article

3. Find A Target

When you don’t have a specific target in mind, it can throw off your swing. When you’ve made a specific target decision it can improve your swing significantly. Before you take your stance, pick where you want the ball to go, and aim for it. Don’t just aim for the fairway, aim for a very specific spot that you want the ball to go. Being specific with where you aim can lead to you gaining more confidence and commitment with your swings, and may limit errors made. Golf is a mental and physical sport, so exercise your mind and find a target.

These three golf swing techniques are simple ways in which you can improve your golf game. In addition you can also try finding a comfortable grip that works for you, avoid sliding, and have fun while golfing. These simple golf swing tips will help you swing better.