The Best Putting And Chipping Drills
That The Pros Swear By

The following are the best putting drills, and best chipping drills that the pros swear by. Continue reading to find some of the best golf drills at home that are sure to further your game.

Putt Through The Tees

This simple putting drill is one that is easy to set up, but can create amazing results. For the Putt Through The Tees Drill all you need to do is place two tees outside the heel and toe of your putter, or putt through a set of tees. This is one of the best putting drills because it will help you make sure your putter is moving on a good path, and that your ball is going on the intended line. 

Club Behind Hole

The Club Behind Hole is one of the best putting drills out there. To perform this drill place a club, stick, etc. about two feet behind the hole. Then back up about 20 feet and hit some putts. Your objective will be to either land the ball in the hole, or past the hole without it touching the club. This golf drill is used to help with speed control. As you become comfortable with the 20 foot distance, try going back further and further, or even putting closer as well. 

Chip It Into The Hole

The Chip It Into The Hole drill is a great one to add to your training. To perform this drill you’ll need 5-10 balls. You will then find a spot where you can chip shot it several times until you make it. This may take several shots, but keep going until you chip it into the hole. Once you’ve made your shot, pick a different position and repeat.

Stick The Landing

The Stick The Landing drill is one of the best chipping drills because this will help you with percision. For this chipping drill you’ll need 5 balls, and 5 golf tees. Take the tees and place them at various distances away from you. Practice chipping your ball to land next to each of the tees. Keep practicing and become a better chipper.

Bunker Shot: Lines In The Sand

For this chipping drill, you’ll want to take 5 golf balls to a bunker and practice chipping out of it. To do this, place the golf ball in the sand and draw a line in the sand about an inch behind the ball. You will then open the face of your wedge and aim to hit the line in the sand. You’ll know you hit a good bunker shot if you don’t actually hit the golf ball. The aim is to have your club go just under the golf ball so it flies up and onto the green. 

These are some of the best putting drills, and the best chipping drills the pros swear by. Improve your game with the best golf drills and dominate the course.