The Four Best Golf Swing Drills
To Practice At Home 

Easily improve your golf swing by practicing simple golf drills at home. Home golf training drills are an excellent way to continue working on your golf game in the off season, and even during the season. The best at home golf swing drills are simple and easy. Continue reading to learn more.

1. The Ottoman Golf Swing Drill

Practice your golf swing at home with the Ottoman Drill. This home golf drill will help you fix your slice. To perform this home golf training drill, set an ottoman a couple feet behind your ball. Take the club back to your hip height at about a quarter speed, and barely miss the ottoman with the toe of your club. From there, you’ll go to the top of your swing and slowly bring the club down, keeping the clubhead further away from the ottoman. Keep on practicing until you get the hang of it.

Man Practicing The Ottoman Golf Swing Drill

2. Bunker Drill At Home

Believe it or not, you can totally practice your bunker shots at home. This is one of the best golf drills at home because it will help you to keep your weight centered and commit to that shot so it moves through the sand. To perform this drill, place a strip of tape on the ground. You will then take a split-leg stance and place all your weight on your lead leg. Your back foot will then be used to help you balance. Start taking swings at the tape and focus on staying centered while your arms swing and shoulders rotate normally. 

Woman Practicing A Bunker Swing Drill At Home

3. The Butt Back Drill

Having proper posture during your golf swing is crucial. The Butt Back Drill will help you keep your swing centered so it’s the same distance away from the ball through your swing. To perform this golf swing drill, you’ll take a chair and get in your golf stance with your rear against the chair. As you take your swing, push the backside of your rear into the chair. As you transition into your downswing push the target side of your rear end into the chair. As you continue to do this golf swing drill, you’ll start to have a better posture while swinging.

Animation of Man Practicing The Butt Back Golf Swing Drill

4. Head Against The Wall Drill

One of the best golf drills at home is the Head Against The Wall drill. To perform this home golf training drill you will grab your putter and place your head against the wall. At this point you won’t need a golf ball. You will have the toe of your putter against the baseboard and start making slow strokes, all while keeping your head against the wall. Once you start to feel comfortable with this, you can add a golf ball in.This drill is designed to help you become conscious of excessive head movement and forming a good swing path.

Animation of Man Practicing The Head Against The Wall Drill

These simple home golf swing drills will help you sharpen your skills. Check out these other golf training drills that can help improve your game.