The 7 Best Golf Cart Accessories Of 2021

The best golf cart accessories are great, and usually some of the best cheap golf equipment, if you're traveling in a larger group, or if you go to the course alone. They can make your golf trip a seamless experience so you can enjoy your time on the course. Check out the best golf cart accessories of 2021 below! 

1. Foldable Golf Cart Windshield

A foldable windshield is a cheap, and worthwhile purchase. This golf car accessory is used to protect you from rainy weather, windstorms, bugs, and can keep you warm on cool days. This golf cart accessory can be installed without any tools, and can be easily rolled up for storage in the golf bag. Another feature is that you can either have the windshield cover the entire area, or just half. It is easy to adjust and store for your convenience. 

2. Golf Cart Side Mirrors

Side mirrors are a great golf cart accessory because they are affordable, cool golf accessories and keep everyone on the course safe. The 10LOL golf cart side mirrors are shatter proof and made of black PP plastic housing. These side mirrors have a super wide vision so you can see what's in the rear. 

3. Golf Cart Cover 

A golf cart cover will keep the interior and exterior in top condition. The Explore Land 600D Waterproof golf cart cover is perfect for a 2 passenger golf cart. This waterproof cover is great for protecting it from sand, snow, rain, dust, UV, fog, scratches, and other inconvenient weather conditions. 

4. Rear Seat Golf Bag Attachment 

A rear seat golf bag attachment is great because it won’t have to take up room inside of your golf cart. When you’re playing in a group of 4, it can be difficult to fit 4 golf bags, and 4 people all inside, so a golf bag attachment is a great investment. This particular golf accessory can carry 2 golf bags and has rust proof steel so it will last for years. 

5. Golf Cart Heater 

A heater for your golf cart could be just what you need on the cool mornings. Mr. Heater’s propane heater creates up to 4,000 BTUs of high intensity radiant heat. It’s small enough that it can fit inside your cupholder and it has a wind resistant screen so it will keep you warm. This golf cart accessory has an oxygen depletion system so the heater will turn off when the oxygen levels are unsafe. There’s also a tip-over safety switch as an added safety feature. 

6. Golf Cart Seat Covers 

The 10LOL golf cart seat covers are a great washable, breathable, air mesh cloth for summer and winter conditions. A seat cover is essential to protect your seats from tearing, fading, spills, dirt, stains, crumbs, and even pet claw marks and fur. Installing this golf accessory doesn’t need tools, and the seat covers can be washed.

7. Steering Wheel Cover

A golf cart steering wheel cover can protect the integrity of the steering wheel. The 10LOL golf cart steering wheel cover is made with auto industry materials so that it keeps its color and remains durable. The cover protects your hands from hot and cold temperatures, and allows for a better grip on the steering wheel. It is extremely flexible so it’s easy to install, and is lightweight so it’s easier to store.

Check out the best golf accessories of 2021 and find what fits your needs.