Affordable Golf:
Cheap Golf Courses & Equipment

Are you dreaming of a world with affordable golf? Well, wake up! It exists! Golf can be affordable if you learn a few simple tips and tricks. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Find Cheap Golf Courses

If you’re looking to golf on a budget, you need to find cheap golf courses. Depending on the golf course, fees may run anywhere from $15/player to over $1,000/player. Learn how to pay less for golf courses below.

  • Run a Quick Google Search: Simply search for “Cheap golf courses near me” to see a quick list of options. Before you decide on a golf course, note that common pricing for many popular courses is between $100-$400/player. Still, you can find several great courses charging less than $100/player.
  • Follow These Tips for Lower Course Fees:
    • Golf at public courses. Private courses require that you pay for a membership, and the fees are usually higher than public course fees.
    • You do not have to go to the prettiest course every time. Sure, you should treat yourself to a fancy golf course every now and then. Otherwise, the cheaper courses are just fine for the majority of your golf practice.
    • Golf during twilight hours. Most golf courses charge less for twilight hour tee time.
    • Walk the course if there is an extra charge for golf carts. If you have the time to walk, why not do it? It’s also a great way to get some exercise.
    • Bonus tip: Bring your own food. Golf courses often have restaurants, bars, or food stands, but the prices are inflated. Bring your own food to save some money.

Where to Buy Cheap Golf Equipment

Best case scenario, you have a friend or family member who is willing to lend you his/her quality golf equipment. In many cases, however, you are going to have to buy your equipment yourself. Read how you can save on golf equipment below.

  • Shop Golf Outlets: Golf outlets or discount stores sell new golf equipment at a lower price than regular retail value. You can search for golf outlets on your own or try out these online golf discount stores:
  • Shop Second Hand Golf Stores: Used equipment is the most affordable, but buying second hand does come with some risk. While online marketplaces like Ebay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace are popular, sellers are sometimes dishonest. Try taking a look at these websites for used golf equipment:
  • Note: Before purchasing from any online store, make sure you understand the return policy and any fees you will be responsible for. Also check that the store provides contact information in case you encounter any issues.

Free Online Golf Instruction

No matter how skilled you are as a golfer, receiving golf instruction can improve your game. For more advanced golfers, one-on-one instruction held in person will be most beneficial, and it will cost a pretty penny. Beginner and intermediate golfers, however, can find excellent golf resources online. Find out more below.

  • Free Video Tutorials: Learn how to improve your golf skills by watching online video tutorials. You can search for golf tutorials on YouTube or try one of the websites below:
  • Free Instructional Articles: Online blog articles can also help you improve your game. These are especially good resources for learning golf rules, golf vocabulary, and golfing tips. You can search for these articles online or check out Yatta Golf’s blog articles.

Now that you know how to find the cheap golf courses and equipment, you are ready to play some affordable golf. Help your friends out and teach them what you’ve learned!