The 4 Best Golf Drills For Beginners:
Improve Your Game

If you’re new to golf, you may want to start practicing golf drills for beginners. Golf drills at home, putting, and even ball striking are great drills to start with as you learn golf rules for beginners. Keep reading to know exactly what you can do to improve your game.

1. The Three-Footer Streak Golf Drill

The three-footer streak golf drill is an excellent beginner golf drill. To perform this golf drill you’ll set up three feet away from the hole. You want to roll in as many putts in a row as you can. Since you are a beginner, it is likely that your putts will be a little shaky. Make it a goal to make five putts in a row. As you become better you’ll want to up how many you can make in a row. As you become better you can add variations to this drill. Once you’ve made five putts in a row, maybe go back to four feet and try to make five putts from that distance. This golf drill is easy to do and highly effective for beginners.

2. Half-Speed Swing Golf Drill

This is one of the best golf drills for beginners. You’ll want to use your driver for this drill, and pick a target for each swing you take. Take your stance and swing at a 50% effort until you make contact with the ball. The benefits of this drill are that when you slow down you can feel any parts of your swing that need to be improved. You’ll also get a feel for your balance and what you can do to improve on that as well. 

3. Ball Striking Golf Drill

This golf drill for beginners is great for your swing. Place golf impact tape on the face of your club. As you start taking your shots the impact tape will show you where the club and ball meet on the club face. You want to aim for the sweet spot (or the middle) of the club face. Take several shots and see where you can improve.

4. Meter Rule Putting Golf Drill

To perform this golf drill you’ll need a meter rule that connects to the hole. You’ll take your putter, and try to keep the golf ball along the meter rule into the hole. This drill will help you to square the clubface at impact. You will also be able to visually see the feedback because of the meter rule. 

Beginner golf drills are a must for every new golfer. Even the PGA Tour stars have practice drills that they do for warm-ups, or even just to dust off. One of the quickest ways to improve is through golf drills. Try out these best golf drills for beginners and watch your progress through the course of your golf endeavors.