No Break Tee -Yes, It Really Exists
And Why It'll Help You Crush More Drives

It’s no longer a myth, there is a no break tee that drives consistency, is durable, and is hard to lose. The Yatta Golf Telos Tees are changing the golf world forever. Continue reading to see why you can stop breaking tees

Consistency Creates Persistency

Okay so my rhyming isn’t flawless, but this tee is! Telos Tee’s allow you to insert it into the ground quickly and at the correct height every single time. Eliminating the need to bring a tape measure, or eyeballing what the height of your tee should be allows you to focus more on the game.

No matter what club you use, the Telos Tee will establish the right height every time and create the consistency you need to improve your game.

Fragility Is Out. Durability Is In.

If you’ve had this frequent conversation with your spouse you’re not alone:

Golfer: Honey, I broke my tee again. I need to go buy some new ones.
Spouse: Didn’t you just buy some? How did they break so fast?
(Awkward silence...)

With the Telos Tee’s you won’t have to have this conversation every month. The Telos Tee is made out of durable polymers that make it so your tee can bend at impact without breaking, and it still maintains it’s shape afterwards.

Let's do a little compare-contrast between wooden tees and the Telos Tee:

  • One pack of Telos Tees comes with three tees and lasts the average golfer an entire season. You get 600+ hits and it costs $9.64.
  • One pack of wooden tees costs $6.99 and comes with 120 tees. A golfer will get about 240 hits from one pack of wooden tees. 

I think there’s an obvious winner here. No more breaking-the-bank buying useless golf tees. No break Telos Tees are the best way to save you money and time.

No More Hide-And-Seek On The Golf Course

Telos Tees won’t be playing hide-and-seek with you, it stays in the ground upon impact. Other tees on the market seem to be built by space ship companies because the tees get launched into the fairway instead of staying in the ground.

Telos tees stay in the ground, and on the rare occasion that they do come out it’s easy to find due to the brightly colored adjustable disk attached to it. Telos Tees save you time because you don’t have to go out searching for your tee, you can just play the game. 

No break tees like the Telos Tee are changing the golfing world forever. Consistency, durability, and hard to lose tees will create the golf game you’ve been dreaming of.