5 Reasons You Might Be Breaking Tees
with Your Driver

Are you tired of constantly breaking tees on the golf course?

Sometimes it is not as much of an issue with the tees as it is an issue with your stance or swing. While tees are a piece of cheap golf equipment, broken tees are usually a sign that you need to adjust something in your drive.

So if you keep asking yourself, "Why do I keep breaking tees with my driver?" take a look at a few of the reasons for broken tees and some of our best golf driving tips

1. Breaking Tees Because Your Swing Is Too Steep

The most common reason for chronic broken tees is that you are hitting the ball too steep. So instead of hitting through the ball, you are hitting down on the ball.

When you hit too steep you're also losing potential yards on your drive no matter what club you're driving with.

If you want to know how to stop breaking golf tees with your swing, then try widening your stance. Place the ball off of the left heel and shift your spine to face away from where you're aiming the ball. This should help prevent a steep drive and a broken tee. 

2. Tee Placement

Consistently breaking tees could also be a sign of a misplaced tee. Whatever the size of your tee, you should have half of your golf ball above the club head when teeing off with a driver.

So, the top of the driver club head should go right through the middle of the golf ball. You can choose your tee size and height based on the club head size.

To avoid having the wrong tee height, take a look at our premium adjustable tees

3. You Have Cheap Tees

It's possible that your swing is fine, but the tees you have aren't quality-made. Also, if you're using very old tees, they might be too weak.

Wooden tees tend to break more and they dry out over time so they can become brittle and break easily.

Golf tee technology is changing. So if you're tired of breaking old wooden tees that have sat in your bag for years, it's time to rethink your tees.  

4. Wrong Target Line

Believe it or not, visualization can be an effective strategy for improving your drive. Instead of thinking about driving the ball as far as you possibly can, think about driving it up and over a line of trees.

This visualization exercise will prevent you from swinging down on the ball which causes broken tees. 

5. Ground Conditions

If you hardly ever break tees but have one round with 9 broken tees, it could be the conditions of the course.

In cold weather, the ground freezes making it difficult for the tee to flex appropriately. Again, this tends to happen more with wooden tees. 

Invest In Better Golfing Tees

You can make adjustments to your swing to prevent broken golf tees. However, if you still notice consistently broken tees it might be time to rethink which tees you buy.

High-quality equipment and apparel can make a big difference in your golf game.

So if you're ready to play better and stop breaking tees, check out our site and order Telos tees today.