Indoor Golf Driving Ranges From Cheapest To Most Expensive 

We are approaching the off season which means no more outside golf! That doesn’t mean you can’t bring golfing indoors though. Indoor golf driving ranges are just what you need to stay active during the off season. Below is a list of indoor driving range simulators from cheap golf equipment to most expensive that you can put inside your own home. 

Homebay Golf Simulator Hitting Enclosure

The Homebay indoor driving range simulator is priced at $1,499. This indoor driving range has full coverage netting so if any of your shots don’t go as planned the net will catch stray balls. The screen is durable so you can swing just like you would if you were on the golf course. Unlike other screens, Homebay makes sure the entire screen is projected on, leaving no white space. The downsides of this indoor driving range is it is a little difficult to set up, and once it’s set up it would be difficult to move or temporarily take down.

SLG8 Golf Simulator Enclosure

The SLG8 golf simulator enclosure is priced at $3,199.99. This indoor golf driving range is designed to fit in compact spaces. The screen is built with premium materials so your screen will display HD quality. The material can also handle golf balls flying at 250 MPH. This product includes the enclosure, barrier netting with sand bags, weight strip, and assembly instructions. The downside is that the image only fills in 80% of the screen.

SkyTrak PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package 

The SkyTrak golf simulator is priced at $4,449. The screen is extremely durable and you can see the images clearly on the screen. The screen quiets the noise from the golf ball, and can withstand thousands of shots up to 250 MPH. The package includes a golf launch monitor, a software plan, simulator screen enclosure with side nets, and net return pro turf.

The downsides are the screen may be a little smaller than you need, and setting it up may be difficult.

SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package

The SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package is priced at $7,360. This product includes a monitor and protective case, app and game improvement software, hitting enclosure and screen, side netting, golf mat, projector, projector ceiling mount, and an HDMI cable. The military grade screen can withstand shots up to 250 MPH, and the projection fills the entire screen. The golf mat gives a realistic fairway-like feel and you get to choose the size of the mat. The projector has full HD 1080p resolution so you will see the images clearly.

TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator w/ E6 Connect

The TruGolf Vista 10 golf simulator is priced at $16,995. Depending on the package you get it comes with a TruGolf level 1 computer, HD 720p projector, 21” touch screen monitor, a premium fairway, and a basic 1 year subscription to E6 connect. E6 connect features 27 golf courses. The cutting edge technology captures data at impact so that it can read delicate chips, flops and short putts. There are many different packages to choose from.

These are just a few of the indoor driving ranges that will make the off season more enjoyable. Find the one that works best for you and keep improving your shots!