How To Stop Breaking Tees With Driver
In 3 Simple Steps

Breaking tees with a driver is one of the most annoying things on the planet. Here are some simple steps you can take to limit tee breakage, and a tee we think will help aid in this as well. 

1. Improve Your Swing And Stance

For most people, their swing is the number one reason their tees break while using their driver. 

If your swing is too steep your tee is more likely to break. This is because instead of hitting through the ball, you hit down on the ball. You may also lose the desired yards you’ve been working towards because of a steep swing.

To prevent a steep drive, you will need to widen your stance, place the ball off of the left heel, and shift your spine so you face away from your desired target. 

2. Visualization Exercises 

Practicing visualization on the driving range before going out and playing is one of the best ways you can reduce breaking your tees. Practicing visualization will help you not swing down on the ball. 

Here’s how you can practice visualizing: 

  • Find Your Target:
    Pick a target on the range. Once you’ve done that, pick the club that is appropriate for the distance of your target. 
  • Imagine The Shot In Your Mind:
    Picture in your mind where you want the ball to fly from start to finish. One way you can visualize this is by watching the “protracer” that's shown on TV during PGA TOUR events. You can then visualize a “trace” shot in your mind, just like on TV so you can predict the flight path line. 
  • Take Your Shot And Repeat:
    Once you feel your visualization is complete, take your shot. Compare the outcome to what you visualized and repeat this process as many times as you’d like.

This is a powerful process to help prevent breaking tees with your driver.

3. Buy Strong Tees

You may also need to invest in better tees. Although wooden tees can be bought in bulk, they break a lot easier than a plastic tee. 

We suggest using Yatta Golf’s Telos Tee because these are extremely durable tees. They are made from impact-modified polymer for extreme durability. These tees will retain their shape hit after hit as a result. 

They also claim that one pack of their tees lasts the average golfer an entire season. Some reviews have stated:

  • “I have used one of these on several rounds so far and it is still going strong!”
  • “Have used them for 3 rounds and durability seems to be solid”
  • “Ever since I purchased Telos Tee I haven’t broken a tee in 6+ rounds!”

With the Telos Tee you will be able to set the correct height for your driver (and all other clubs as well). This will help you not hit too steep on the ball, thus limiting the chance of you breaking the tee with your driver.

Try these three simple steps to stop breaking tees with drivers and watch your game improve.