How to Putt: Learn Proper Golf Posture
From Coach Meurig

Learn how to putt with the correct putting posture and see your scores improve! According to, “Golf scoring is set up to allow two putts per hole and still achieve par, which works out to about 50% of the overall score.” The better your putts, the lower your scores. Successful putting begins with proper posture.

Before you work on your putting stance, learn proper driving posture. Your first shots on a hole are typically going to be long shots. If you haven’t already learned basic driving posture, watch Coach Meurig’s video below to help for golf swing for beginners.

Golf Posture For Driving

Follow Coach Meurig’s steps below to achieve the perfect driving posture:

  • Grip the golf club, then stand straight with your feet together.
  • Extend your arms in front of you so that the club is perpendicular to your body at waist height.
  • Adjust your feet to be shoulder width apart.
  • Bend at the waist until the club head hits the ground, and slightly bend your knees.
  • Make sure your knees and back are relaxed, then swing!

How to Putt Like a Pro: Achieve the Ideal Putting Stance and Posture

Now, golf driving posture is going to look a little different than putting posture. The clubs are usually different lengths, which means you will stand at different distances from the ball. Driving posture allows for more movement so that you can turn your body into the swing for maximum flight distance. When you are putting, you’re aiming for short, precise shots, so your arms will not be as far out as they are when you’re driving.

Watch as Coach Meurig demonstrates putting posture.

Practice Coach Meurig’s Steps Below For Perfect Putting Posture:

  • Face the golf ball and stand a comfortable distance from it (the shorter your club, the shorter your distance should be from the golf ball). Adjust your feet to be shoulder width apart.
  • Grip the golf club and position the club head beside the golf ball. Keeping the club head where you have placed it, rest the handle of the club against you and let go of the handle.
  • Standing straight, bring your elbows to your side and lift your palms up so that your arms are at a 90º angle.
  • Bend at the waist until your hands are at the height of your club handle. Keeping your elbows at your side, bring your hands together and grip the club.
  • Using the muscles in your arms (not your wrists), make your putt.

Common Errors in Putting Stance and Posture

Without the proper training, anyone can make these common golf posture mistakes:

  • Too much or too little knee flex
  • rounded shoulders
  • arched back
  • using the wrists to swing

With practice, you can avoid these common pitfalls and lower your handicap.

Now that you know how to putt with the right posture, keep practicing. It will all be worth it when you see how much your scores improve.