How to Pick the Best Golf Tee for Your Game

The average golfer spends hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on new golf equipment to improve their game. But what if they overlooking one of the most important pieces of equipment out there.

The golf tee.

It's an underrated tool that can actually make a big difference in your golf game. So if you're ready to shave off a few strokes with virtually no additional effort, try new golf tees!

Check out this guide to the best golf tee for your game.

Length of Tee

There is no single standard length for a golf tee. The length varies from 2 1/4 inches to 4 inches. If you are aiming to hit for distance, try a longer tee. If you're worried about accuracy, try a shorter one.

You may have multiple variations of tees in your bag at one time. But if sorting through them seems like a pain, try using an adjustable tee instead

Plastic Tees

If you're going to go with a plastic tee, consider purchasing one with polymer technology. This is not your average flimsy golf tee. The material allows for a smooth swing without breaking the tee or sending it ten feet in front of you.

When you're picking a golf tee you want durability and dependability. An adjustable plastic version makes it simple to hit drivers, irons, and woods.

Wooden Tees

Wooden golf tees have been used by amateurs and professionals for years. Only recently have golfers taken advantage of the new materials and technology used in golf tees.

The wooden tee is classic, simple, and affordable. It's a good choice if you're an experienced golfer and are already confident in your game. The only potential issue with wooden tees is that they can break easily and they wear out over time.  

Brush Tees

Less popular than the plastic or wooden tees, brush tees are made from plastic and soft bristles. The design is meant to lessen the friction when the club hits the ball therefore increasing the distance of the drive.

Brush tees can be useful if you want to practice hitting for distance but they are rarely used in tournaments or at major golf clubs. 

Bamboo Golf Tees

Bamboo golf tees are better for the environment than plastic or wooden golf tees. Tees made from bamboo tend to be strong and flexible but can still break if you strike down into the ball.

Still, bamboo is an alternative material to consider when shopping for new tees. 

Buy the Best Golf Tee in the Game

Believe it or not, the golf tee is an important piece of equipment for golfers, especially if you're breaking tees. So finding the best golf tee could make the difference between an average round of golf and an exceptional round of golf.

Look for the right height tee first and then consider what material might work best for your game.

If you're looking for a reliable, durable, adjustable tee to improve your game, check out the premium Telos golf tees.