Four Uncomplicated Golf Driving Tips
That Will Change Your Game

Implementing the best golf driving tips doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is focus on one or two driver swing tips and see if it helps your technique. It doesn't have to be complicated. Continue reading to learn about the most uncomplicated golf driving techniques that can improve your game, especially if you have a golf swing for beginners

1. Pick A Specific Target

Brian Mogg from the Golf Academy says one of the best golf driving tips is to pick a very specific target and aim for it. Pick the smallest target, or object you can find and focus on it. He continues to say, “You have to be specific in your mind for what you’re aiming for and committing to. Fairways are usually 35-40 yards wide, and there is plenty of room for your ball to find it.” - Brian Mogg. In addition, Scott Fawcett points out that you also don’t have to aim down the middle of the fairway if it means you’d be taking an unnecessary risk. Combine these two golf driving tips and see if it helps you. 

2. Check Your Fundamentals

Go back to the basics in your golf driving technique. If you’re not hitting the way you’re intending it may have something to do with your setup. To check your setup, focus on your grip, feet, hips, and shoulders. Even the position of your golf ball will be important to check on as well. Make the necessary adjustments and see if that helps your drives. 

3. Maintain Arm Speed Throughout The Swing

Don’t just swing to the ball and stop, you’ve got to follow through to the finish. Maintaining a proper arm speed that feels comfortable for you will create a good rhythm and flow through your swing. Practice keeping your arm speed consistent from start to finish, it may make a big difference. 

4. Tee It High

Make sure you’re teeing up high enough. To have the most effective shot with your driver you’ve got to hit up on the ball, so if it’s teed low it’s not going to be your best shot. Teeing it high won’t result in sky balls, it’s actually hitting down on the ball that gives unwanted skymarks.

To ensure proper tee height you’ll want to find a tee that will help you achieve that. Yatta Golf’s Telos Tees are adjustable so you can have the proper height no matter what club you’re using. Some added bonuses: the adjustable disc can be used as a ball marker, and the tee is nearly unbreakable. Check out their website, and see their tee height guide to the right. 

Improve your golf driving technique by applying these golf driving tips. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do everything at once. Take it slow and keep a positive attitude through the learning process.