Do Golf Tees Make a Difference?
Why Different Golf Tees Matter

Do golf tees make a difference in your game? The short answer is: Yes.

The types of golf tees you use matter.

Golf can be an unforgiving sport.

Weather, swing speed, patience, and a bit of luck all play their part. Even considering some of these uncontrollable obstacles, one thing you do have control of is your golf tees.

In situations where you can use them, golf tees are one of the few advantages you have and they're a piece of cheap golf equipment. They eliminate your club’s contact with the ground and decrease room for mistakes. They come in all shapes and sizes, but have you ever considered what type of tee you’re using and how it affects your game?

The Durability of Different Golf Tees

The two different types of golf tees are wooden tees and plastic tees.

Wooden tees have been traditionalists' choice for decades. However, in recent years, plastic tees have made a strong push as a preferred choice for avid golfers.

Although inexpensive, wooden golf tees have been known to break easier and scuff clubs with colorful marks. Because of technological advancements, more golfers have transitioned to plastic tees.

Plastic tees are more durable than wood and make it through an average day on the golf course. These types of golf tees also present less friction with the ball. With a wooden tee, more of the ball is in contact with the tee and could alter your shot.

This doesn’t mean that plastic tees don’t have drawbacks themselves.

Although durable, plastic tees bend and lose their strength hole after hole. Bending your tee back into place can be more frustrating than actually hitting the ball. The impact development and strength of some plastic tees are what separate the best plastic golf tees from the rest.

How Tee Height Makes a Difference

Understanding the height of your tee matters just as much as the material. The height of your tee will help a golfer avoid the gear effect. This phenomenon happens when you tee the ball too low which increases the backspin on the ball.

More backspin often results in less distance. However, teeing up your ball too high could lead to more air under the ball and less distance. It’s all about preference and your swing form when it comes to teeing up a golf ball.

Once you’ve learned your preferred teeing height you can take advantage of some pretty innovative tees. In the golfing world today there are tees that can “save” your tee height for you.

Finding a happy medium between functionality and durability is every golfer’s dream.

Telos Golf Tees: Tee Off with Greater Consistency. Shoot Better Scores. 

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