Best Plastic Golf Tees

Plastic golf tees are great, but not when they get too bent out of shape to use and take 5 minutes to find after they launch out of the ground. Telos golf tees were designed to eliminate those breaking tees and deliver a flawless teeing-off experience making them the best plastic tees by far. 

No More Breaking, Bending, Or Losing Plastic Golf Tees

Telos plastic golf tees are designed with a semi-flexible, impact-modified plastic and vivid color combinations making them the best plastic golf tees on the market because you will: 

  • Never struggle to push the tee in the ground because the tee is permanently bent or too flexible
  • Never waste time or money finding/replacing lost unbreakable golf tees

Telos tees will keep their shape and actually stay in the ground or near you because of the adjustable disc and patented design. Additionally, the high-contrast colors will instantly draw your eye's attention making Telos tees super easy to see. Tee golf plastic waste is also prevented because of how long they last.

Best Plastic Golf Tees with Adjustable Height

18 holes a round, golfers have an opportunity to hit from a perfect lie. Those tee shots can make or break every hole, so why take a chance on teeing up to low or to high? Choosing a golf tee with an adjustable height will enable you to tee up at the exact same height every time thus helping you build additional consistency into your swing whether irons, woods, or drivers. The added consistency is what makes these the best plastic tees on the market.

That being said, if you buy another plastic tee with adjustable height, you will soon be disappointed to find out that after 4 to 5 hits, the tee will bend out of shape and stop you from using the adjustable functionality altogether. Telos tees are the best plastic golf tees with adjustable height because they will not bend our of shape. Period. 

  • Set the disc at the right height for you and your club
  • Stick the tee in the ground
  • Start playing like the real you again ;)
  • Repeat Indefinitely