3 Best Chipping Golf Clubs
That Will Improve Your Game

Investing in a chipping golf club is great if you struggle with wrist action around the greens. A chipping club is designed so that you don’t have to open the clubface like other wedges. Use it when your shot is too far for a putter, and too long for a pitching wedge. This would include when you're in the rough, short grass, or a few feet from the green.

Continue reading to learn about the best clubs for chipping.

Odyssey X-Act Chipper

The Odyssey X-Act Chipper is one of the best chipping clubs and is priced at $129.99. When you purchase this club you can expect the following: 

  • Your short game will improve because it promotes more consistent contact and distance control. 
  • This is a great option for an in between putter and wedge club. It’s engineered like an Approach Putter. 
  • Improved turf interaction around the green. This will be especially helpful on tight lies. 
  • The injection molded urethane insert has an incredible feel for long and short shots near the green.

Reviewers have stated: 

  • “I personally found that this club has made a difference in making my game fun.”
  • “Works great around the greens creating the backspin that you need. Goes great with my new Apex irons.”
  • “It’s amazingly accurate and has a great feel from the contact with the ball, the weight and balance and the grip.”
Odyssey X-Act Chipper Club

Top Flite Chipper

The Top Flite Chipper is priced at $59.99. Here's what you can expect from this chipping golf club: 

  • This is designed to be used as an alternative to wedges. It should be used for short chip shots near the green. 
  • You’ll have reduced heel-side mis-hits. 
  • There’s more forgiveness due to the cavity back shape of the chipping club.
  • You’ll have better control due to the face groove pattern that helps add spin.
  • Improved consistency because the wide sole helps you to have clean turf interaction.

Reviewers have stated: 

  • “Master this club and it will shave strokes off your game for sure!”
  • “This chipper has saved me many strokes around the green, very good investment.”
  • “Very consistent and predictable.”
Top Flite Chipper Club

Mazel Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge

The Mazel Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge is priced at $77.90. Here’s what you can expect from this chipping club: 

  • Your short game will be improved. 
  • Chipping the ball is easier with this club because it has a 330g heavy club head, and a lower center of gravity. 
  • You’ll have reduced friction for more accuracy. 
  • This club is also legal to play with in tournaments. 

Reviewers have stated:

  • “With some practice This Thing Really Works.”
  • “I loved this Wedge, and found it easy to use from 120 mtrs out to anywhere in close, but am thinking of getting the 55 degree Mazel for the closer chips, as I find I over shoot with the 45 degree, and hope that the 55 will fix this.”
  • “Excellent Value”
Mazel Golf Pitching & Chipper Wedge Club

Improve your game with the best golf clubs for chipping out there!