Why You Need Golf Tees With Stopper

Golf tees with stoppers are changing the way people golf. Continue reading to learn why you need to get golf tees with stoppers. 

Are Golf Tees With Stoppers Really Worth It? 

Yes! Golf tees that are designed with a stopper make it a lot easier to tee the ball at the correct height every single time. These types of tees allow you to worry less and focus more on your game because you are exerting less mental energy on correct tee height. There's not a lot of things you can control in your golf game, but being able to tee your ball at the correct height for any club is possible and can improve your game greatly. 

What Are The Benefits Of Golf Tees With Stoppers?

A major benefit of using a golf tee with a stopper is that you can tee it at the exact height every time. You won’t have to worry about watching YouTube videos, or purchasing a book on the art of teeing your ball. You’ll simply put it in the ground at the correct height every time with ease.

Another benefit of golf tees with stoppers is they are great for drivers. You won’t have to use multiple ways to try to measure it so it’s at the right height. No more ‘eye-balling’ the correct height, or almost taking your swing just to second guess it and adjust the height again. You can swing with your driver and move on with your golf game.

What’s The Best Golf Tee With Stoppers?

Yatta Golf’s Telos Tees are the best golf tees with stoppers. In this review of the Telos Tee, they described how the Telos Tee is great for drivers and creating more consistency in your game. Consistency is important when it comes to teeing up your ball because it will affect how your ball travels. Who wouldn’t want to consistently tee up the ball correctly and improve their swings?

Here are some pros and cons of the Telos Tee.


  • Telos Tees provide more consistency no matter what club you are using. 
  • The Telos Tee is made from impact-modified polymer so it’s extremely durable. Some reviews state that they have gone 40 rounds with only one Telos Tee.
  • The Telos Tee is nearly impossible to lose because it stays in the ground. If it ever does come out of the ground the brightly colored disc makes it easy to find.
  • One pack of Telos Tees costs $9.64 and lasts the average golfer an entire season. So you’d be saving money, and improving your consistency. 


  • The Telos Tees may be a little hard to place/take out of the ground.
  • It may not fit in the tee holder in the golf cart, and is a little bulky if it’s in your pocket.

Overall the Telos Tee is a great option for golf tees with stoppers.