Why You Need Golf Tees That Don’t Break

Golf tees that don’t break are an incredible investment for your golf game. Unbreakable golf tees save you money because they are made from material that will last longer than wooden tees that break only after a few shots. 

The best unbreakable golf tees are those that also retain their shape hit after hit. If you have a golf tee that bends out of shape, you won’t hit the club face in the same spot every time, thus lowering your consistency. You may have to experiment with different unbreakable golf tees to see what fits your needs.

Golf tees that don’t break will also help you be more consistent. Being able to rely on a stable, unbreakable golf tee will help you shoot more consistently. 

You may see improvement in distance, and straighter shots. This is due to the low spin launch that unbreakable golf tees provide. A low spin launch will increase the distance on your swings.

All of these perks of golf tees that don’t break are great, as long as they follow USGA and R&A rules. You don’t want to get used to an unbreakable golf tee, just to find out that you can’t compete with it. Make sure before purchasing the unbreakable golf tee that you check that it’s rule conforming.

What’s The Best Golf Tee That Doesn’t Break?

The Telos Tee by Yatta Golf is the best unbreakable golf tee out there.

One pack of Telos Tees comes with three tees, three discs, and lasts the average golfer an entire season.

Some reviewers have stated: 

  • “Great tee!!! I ordered it a couple of months ago and I haven’t lost or broken one since”
  • “Over 40 rounds with the same tee”
  • “Ever since I purchased Telos Tee I haven’t broken a tee in 6+ rounds!”

The Telos Tee is also great if you want to improve your consistency. The discs allow you to adjust and set the height you need every time, so you hit more consistent shots. Some reviewers have stated:

  • “I hit BOMBS 50% of the time before having this tee. Now I hit BOMBS 75% with the added consistency of ball height”
  • “I have my custom heights for each type of club and drives off the tee box have never been better!!!”
  • “For anyone like myself trying to make consistency key while improving their golf game these are a must”

Telos Tees are made from impact-modified polymer so they will stay in their original shape round after round. Extremely durable tees will save you money, and drive consistency with each shot. 

Telos Tees are also USGA and R&A rule conforming so you can play anywhere. 

As an added bonus, the Telos Tee stays in the ground on impact, or at least doesn’t fly as far as your ball goes. If it does come out of the ground, the brightly colored disc makes it easy to locate and you can keep on playing.

With all these combined aspects, the Telos Tee is definitely the best golf tee that doesn’t break.