Why an Adjustable Golf Tee is a Game Changer

Ever wonder what it takes to become and incredible golfer? Everyone can agree it takes considerable practice and talent, but an adjustable golf tee is something you may not have thought of that can really be a game changer.

Golf is a mentally-taxing sport, requiring both skill and persistence. Competitive golfers need every edge they can get. Discover the edge that an adjustable tee can give you by reading on.

A Golden Adjustable Golf Tee

Golf should be a highly adaptable sport. Adjustable tees mimic what happens on the course.

These tees stay in place at the desired height shot after shot. All you have to do is adjust the tee to the precise height you want it at.

The tee's inside and outside don't have any grooves or slots. It moves smoothly to your desired height.

The ball holder can be the size of a standard wooden tee. Hitting the ball gives a seamless feeling.

Adjustable tees work well with most any commercial grass mat. They're way more durable than traditional tees at driving ranges.

The Telos adjustable tee is unlike any other. You can change its height for woods, irons, and drivers.

The tee comes with a disc that you can put on it for the proper height. Put the disc on the tee then stick it in the ground. That way, you'll hit the ball from the same height every time.

This tee has noticeable, immediate, positive impacts on your golf game. You'll become a more consistent, better player.

Tee It Up

The benefits don't stop there.

Telos tees are built to last. One pack lasts the average golfer a season.

They're made of impact-modified, semi-flexible plastic. They're what make a golf tee flexible.

Inferior adjustable tees lose their shape after four or five shots. The Telos version doesn't break or bend out of shape, providing the same height every shot.

Also with Telos tees, you don't have to look for lost tees. They're built to stay in the ground or as close to you as possible. You can easily spot them by their striking color combinations.

Different holes in golf call for different golf tee sizes. When your tee's at the desired height every time, the game gets a lot easier.

Adjustable golf tees are even made for driving range mats. These bad boys can easily be adjusted to your desired height so you can let it fly at the range. That's what you can do when you make a golf tee adjustable.

A New Era of Golf

Golf can be mischaracterized as overly resistant to change. Some see it as a sport that's out of touch, boring, and outdated.

It most certainly isn't so, and the adjustable golf tee is proof of that. It's no understatement to say that it can drastically improve your game. It may not make you the next Tiger Woods, but it'll help.

Step up your game with a Telos Tee today.