What’s A Birdie In Golf? Definition & Tips To Score A Birdie

If you’re new to golf and wondering what a birdie in golf is, you’re not alone. This article will address the golf birdie meaning, it’s origins, and how to score a birdie. Continue reading to find out! 

What Is A Birdie? 

Essentially, the meaning of the term birdie is used to describe the scoring of one stroke less than the par of any hole on the course. For example, let's say you are on a par-3 hole. If you were to complete the hole in 2 strokes you would score a birdie. Scoring a birdie is a good thing, but it is rare if you’re a mid-handicapper or even a high handicap golfer.

Where Did The Term Birdie Come From?

The exact origins of the word aren’t quite clear, but it is believed to have originated at Atlantic City Country Club in New Jersey in the year 1903. The reason the word birdie was used is because the term “bird” was used to mean something was wonderful, cool, great, or excellent. Seeing as a birdie is an amazing achievement, it’s a fitting term.

How Can I Get A Birdie? 

Scoring a birdie in golf is possible, it just takes a lot of practice and patience as it is difficult to do. Try the following tips to get closer to scoring a birdie! 

1. You need to perfect your shots. You will want to get good and hit long, straight shots that are on target to the hole. Your ball should land on the fairway. However, if you’re on a par-3 it should land close to the hole on the green. No matter what hole you’re on, the tee shot is crucial to getting a birdie. 

2. The clubs you choose will affect whether you get a birdie or not. You’ll want to choose clubs that put you in control, and also give you striking power. Get as familiar as you can with the different types of clubs because depending on if it’s a par-3, par-4, or par-5 you will need to use different clubs. I suggest getting golf lessons to improve your golf game.

3. Practice as much as you can. As I’ve stated before, scoring a birdie is rare and difficult. Practice your shots regularly. 

4. Learning how to use the correct clubs, and hitting long straight shots onto the fairway is important, but so is your mental game. Leave your negative energy off the course so you can give yourself grace when a hole doesn’t go the way you want (because that will happen). Patience and a positive attitude will get you closer to scoring a birdie. 

Scoring a birdie, or one stroke under par, is a great thing to pursue in your golfing career. Follow these tips, and consider taking golf lessons to score a birdie.