What is Topgolf?
Why Choose Topgolf vs Traditional Golf

Topgolf is quickly becoming the go-to late-night activity, but what is Topgolf? Is it anything like traditional golf? This place is a great place to learn golf rules for beginners. Keep reading to see what all the hype is about.

What is Topgolf?

Topgolf facilities put a twist on the classic driving range. At Topgolf, you get to choose from a variety of games centered around striking a golf ball from a fixed hitting bay.

The classic “Topgolf” game is essentially target practice, and you want to get the most points. The range has multiple large targets scattered around. The more accurate your shot, and the farther the target, the more points you get.

Another bonus of Topgolf is the full food and beverage menu that you can enjoy right in your bay.

Top Golf Rules

If you would like to experience Topgolf, you can book ahead of time or walk in. There’s a one-time member fee of $5 for new players, and bays are priced by the hour. Also note that you can have up to six players in one bay.

Rates vary by time of day, day of the week, and location. At the two Topgolf locations in Utah, weekend pricing is $35-$55/hr/bay, weekdays are $30-$50/hr/bay, and Tuesdays are cheapest at $15-$25/hr/bay.

Choose from Topgolf’s collection of games. Besides the popular “Topgolf” game, you will find several variations on target practice or longest drives. Two unique games are Jewel Jam and Angry Birds, both of which test your aim and game strategy.

Clubs are provided free of charge but you are welcome to bring your own if you’d prefer.

Man swinging club in TopGolf bay

Topgolf vs Traditional Golf

Surely you’ve caught on that topgolf is not at all like traditional golf. So why would someone choose Topgolf over traditional golf? Top factors include availability, inclusivity, and time.

  • Availability: Unlike traditional golf courses, Topgolf is open pretty much year round. Topgolf only closes for severe weather conditions, but stays open for regular rain and snow. How is this possible when the Topgolf range is outdoors? Each hitting bay is covered and climate controlled for maximum comfort.
Birdseye view of TopGolf stadium
  • Inclusivity: Sure, plenty of golf courses are open to the public, but even those ones tend to have loads of rules and regulations. It’s easy for anyone to play at Topgolf, children included.

    Unlike most golf courses, Topgolf does not have a formal dress code. Remember, however, that it is a public venue where children are often present, so please dress accordingly.

    Beginners to golf are welcome on the traditional golf course, but it can be a steep learning curve. Topgolf is an excellent place for newbies to get familiar with the golf club and practice their swing.

    People who have never golfed may even find that they are really good at Topgolf, so it is a fun way to even the playing field with the expert golfers.
  • Time: A traditional round of golf can take hours to complete, and a lot of that is waiting and walking time. At topgolf, you reserve a bay by the hour. There is no travel between holes at Topgolf and all shots are from the same spot, so you can get straight to the fun part.

Now that you know what Topgolf is, maybe it’s something you want to try out with your friends. If you would rather focus on getting back to the traditional golf course, Topgolf can at least help you improve your swing.