What Is A Good Golf Handicap For A Beginner -
Explanation And Averages

What is a Golf Handicap?

A golf handicap is the number of strokes shot over par during a round of golf. According to Golflink, Jennifer Gregory stated, “A golfer's handicap Index allows the golfer to compete with other golfers on a level playing field, regardless of their playing ability. At the end of play, each golfer adds their handicap Index to their final score. If you are a scratch golfer, you have a zero handicap Index and are given no strokes to add to your final score.”  

What is a Golf Handicap for a Beginner?

On average, a beginner golf handicap is above 30. Breaking 90, which means finishing with 18 strokes over par, would be considered a good score as a beginner. So, a good golf handicap for a beginner to aim for would be 18 or under.

How to Track Your Golf Handicap

Tracking your golf handicap can be a little confusing. Thank goodness there are some great apps that can help calculate your golf handicap score, and provide you with other features to help improve your score!  

GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line

The first app is GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line as shown on the right. It has 4.7 stars with 71k ratings. When starting your first round of golf, turn on the ‘Official Tournament Mode’ within the app to help you follow the rules.

This app is unique in that it provides 3D fairway maps, and locates your distances from any hazards on the golf course. In addition, the app provides 4-player scoring, pro-level stats, and handicap tracking for beginner golfers.

This is a great app to consider using when tracking handicap scores. 

GolfLogix Golf GPS + Putt Line App for Tracking Handicap

Golf GPS SwingU

The second app we suggest using to track your golf handicap score is the Golf GPS SwingU as shown on the left.

This app provides daily golf tips, a digital score card that automatically advances as you go hole-to-hole, and a free handicap after posting your scores in the app when you’ve completed three rounds. This app is free, but if you want to upgrade to their premium version you can have a lot more ways to improve your golf score.

Premium allows you to track and analyze every facet of your golf game, and each facet will be given a ‘relative handicap’ so you can identify which areas of your game needs to be improved. You can also compare your game versus a target handicap, a scratch golfer, or a tour pro to see where you land in the rankings.  

Golf GPS SwingU App for Tracking Handicap

Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores

The last app we suggest to track your golf handicap is Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores as shown on the right.

This app will calculate your golf handicap based on the new 2020 golf handicap rules. You keep all your handicap scores over time to track your progress, and can also print and share your handicap card.

This unique app allows you to follow your friends handicaps and scores, as well as send you notifications when your friends post scores.

Lastly, it can also calculate your handicap score for the specific golf course and maximum stroke for the course you choose to play on. 

Golf Handicap Tracker & Scores App for Tracking Handicap

How to Lower Your Golf Handicap

If you’re looking to lower your golf handicap score then you need to have a good practice schedule that focuses on chipping and putting drills. As you follow golf rules for beginners, working on your short game will help you lower your golf handicap quickly.

We want you to enjoy your experience golfing, so utilize golf handicap scores and the apps provided above!