What Degree Is A Sand Wedge -
The Degree, Loft, Or Angle Of A
Sand Wedge

Here is a guide for all things you need to know for a sand wedge. Continue reading to learn about what degree it should be at, the best sand wedges, when to use them, and the history behind it.

What Degree is a Sand Wedge?

When looking for a sand wedge, find one between 54-58 degrees.

Best Sand Wedges

Cleveland RTX 4

This is considered one of the best sand wedges because it can be used for full swing or short game shots. This club enhances feel and distance control, and has a V-shaped sole which helps your full shots and creates crisp pitch shots.

    Cleveland CBX 2

    This club ranges from 54-58 degrees so you can pick the best sand wedge for you. This club offers forgiveness at impact, three different sole grinds, and will help the ball spin.

      Mizuno T20

      This sand wedge is designed to channel away moisture for the best spin in wet conditions, has precise CNC milled grooves, and has a wide range of lofts to choose from.

        We believe these are the three best sand wedges to choose from due to their many benefits to help improve your game.

        When to Use a Sand Wedge

        When you’re trying to get out of a sandy situation, a.k.a when you hit the ball in the bunker, use a sand wedge to get out. A sand wedge can also be used for full-swing shots and short shots near the green. The clubface is designed with a large amount of bounce on the bottom and prevents your club from digging into the sand when making a shot. Your ball will also stop more quickly on the green due to the extra loft on the club.

          The Design of the Sand Wedge

          The sand wedge is unique because of its sole and the bounce it creates. Unlike other clubs, the leading edge of the club is lifted off the ground. This aspect of the club allows the club to glide through the sand upon impact rather than digging into the sand.

          History of the Sand Wedge

          The first prototype was designed by Gene Sarazen in 1931. Before this invention, golfers everywhere were having a hard time getting their golf balls out of the bunkers. Gene Sarazen started to win tournaments in 1935 with his new club. Gene Sarazen went on to become one of the greatest players of all time! His invention has helped golfers around the world.

          Sand wedges are a great club for you to start using. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about golf!