What Club Is Used For Hitting The Ball 120-190 Yards On The Green?

If you’re wanting to hit 120-190 yards you will want to use 2 to 9-irons. If you’re going for a longer shot you’ll want to use lower numbered irons, and higher numbered irons if you are going for shorter shots.

Here’s a list of which iron you should use based on men’s average distance: 

  • 2-iron for 190 yards 
  • 3-iron for 180 yards 
  • 4-iron for 170 yards 
  • 5-iron for 160 yards 
  • 6-iron for 150 yards 
  • 7-iron for 140 yards 
  • 8-iron for 130 yards 
  • 9-iron for 120 yards 

What Are The Best Irons? 

Sim2 Max Irons

Sim2 Max Irons are designed to assist you in hitting exceptional shots consistently. The sweet spot will allow you to perform better because it spans across the most common impact points. Your speed will increase and give you the consistency you need in all the right places. This iron also provides better forgiveness, distance, and feel. This Iron is priced at $799.99.

Reviewers have stated:

  • “I hit them high and gained 20+ yards”
  • “I am hitting 8-15 yards further than the original Sim”
  • “I added 10-20 yards of distance easy. The truly amazing feature is the ability to shape shots without sacrificing distance”

Callaway Epic Forged Irons 

Callaway Epic Forged Irons are engineered to offer more precision. The rim across the face allows for more flexibility so that there's increased ball speed and distance. The VGT groove pattern helps you have more consistent spin rates as well. This iron is priced at $2,099.99.

Titleist 2021 T100-S Irons

If you’re wanting the exact look and feel of a tour iron, but want to hit it farther the Titleist 2021 T100-S Irons are for you. They are made so you have incredible feel and precision control. The muscle channel adds more speed and launch. This iron is priced at $1,299.99.

Reviewers have stated: 

  • “Doesn’t have to be a pro or a single digit handicap to play these irons”
  • “They launch high and right on target”

Callaway 2020 Rogue X Irons

If you’re wanting a total distance overhaul then the Callaway 2020 Rogue X Irons are just what you need. The sweet spot creates explosive distance due to the combination of the 360 Face Cup Technology and VFT. You’ll receive better sound and feel and launch the ball further. This iron is priced between $599.99- $699.99.

Reviewers have stated: 

  • “Played my first round with my new Rogue X irons and I couldn’t be any happier with how they felt”
  • “I'm more accurate and I'm hitting these 10 to 20 yards further than my old irons”
  • “6 iron was my 150 club, now I'm hitting my 7 165-180 (depending on conditions)”

Remember to use your Irons if you want to hit 120-190 yards on the green.