Unbreakable Golf Tees And Why They Are Game Changers

Unbreakable golf tees are just what you need to save you time, money, and improve your game. Continue reading to know why unbreakable golf tees are the ultimate game changer. 

Why Are Unbreakable Golf Tees Worth Buying?

Purchasing unbreakable golf tees will save you lots of money. Sure you can buy wooden tees in a big bag, but they break only after a few uses. You’ll end up having to spend a lot more than you originally planned. 

An unbreakable golf tee is built to last no matter how many rounds you play. An unbreakable golf tee can take hit after hit and remain intact. The best tees also retain their shape after each hit.

Unbreakable golf tees make it so there’s not as much friction on contact. This will help you hit more smoothly.

Unbreakable golf tees allow you to be more consistent with each shot because they are stable, so you will be able to hit longer and straighter shots.

Unbreakable golf tees should provide a low spin launch so that you can have added distance to your shots.

The best unbreakable golf tees also follow USGA and R&A rules. 

What’s The Best Unbreakable Golf Tee?

You’ll want to make sure the unbreakable golf tee you find is durable, and doesn’t bend out of shape when you use it. 

We believe the best unbreakable golf tee is Yatta Golf’s Telos Tee. The Telos Tee is built from impact-modified polymer so you know it will have extreme durability so you can play your best. This is important because it will last longer. 

This unbreakable tee is so durable that one pack of tees lasts the average golfer an entire season. No more having to replace your breakable wooden tees over and over again. You will end up saving a lot of money because you won’t have to constantly be replacing tees. 

The impact-modified polymer also makes it so that this tee doesn’t bend out of shape. You can hit it over and over again and it will stay in its original form. This is important because hitting off of a skewed tee will definitely affect your game. A tee that’s bent out of shape will make it harder for you to hit straight shots, and will make tee height consistency nearly impossible.

The Telos Tee is not only unbreakable, but is also USGA and R&A rule conforming so you can play with them anywhere.

As an added bonus, the Telos Tee has adjustable disks so you can set the exact height you need for each club every single time.

The consistency the Telos Tee provides is unmatched. Find unbreakable golf tees that work best for you and watch your game improve.