Three Must Have Golf Accessories
To Improve Your Game

Golf accessories can improve your game exponentially. With the right accessories you can get one step closer to getting the score you’ve been aiming for. Here’s a list of must have golf accessories. 

1. Telos Tees

Telos Tees are changing the golf world. These fixed height tees will allow you to improve your consistency. You’ll be able to tee up at the exact same height no matter what club you choose to play with. The Telos Tee is USGA and R&A rule conforming so you can play with them anywhere. 

The Telos Tee offers extreme durability because it’s designed with high-grade impact-resistant polymers. Due to this design, it makes it practically unbreakable and unbendable. One pack of Telos Tees lasts the average golfer an entire season, some say even more. 

As an added bonus, the adjustable disc can act as a ball marker as well. Check out Telos Tees for your must have golf accessories list.

2. Yatta Golf Polos

What you wear on the course can help your game immensely. There’s a term called “enclothed cognition” and it means that what you choose to wear impacts your physical and psychological state. Believe it or not, your confidence levels fluctuate based on how good you feel in your clothes. Choosing clothes that fit you properly and make you feel good is what Yatta Golf polos aim for. 

There’s a variety of bold Yatta Golf polos to choose from. The fabric is made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Some benefits of these must have polos are: 

  • They are moisture wicking so you can stay dry on and off the course 
  • The fabric has 4 way stretch so you won’t be restricted in movement
  • The fabric has an athletic fit and is wrinkle resistant so you can play on the go

Yatta Golf polos are definitely a must have golf accessory to add to your list.

3. Golf Stance Trainer

Having the correct stance while playing golf is crucial to the success of your game. With the Golf Stance Trainer accessory your golf swing will strengthen. The concave of the platform recreates what different conditions feel like on the course. This will help you improve, and help you get a strong, rotational swing.

Benefits of this must have accessory are: 

  • Your body will assume its natural stance due to the concave shape of the platform
  • The platform resembles slopes on a golf course
  • It helps prevent lateral movement

This must have accessory will help you to continue to train even when you aren’t able to make it to the course.

These three must have golf accessories are just what you need to improve your game. Teeing up consistently, wearing clothes that make you feel confident, and perfecting your stance will get you closer to how you envision your perfect golf game.