The Top Three Adjustable Golf Tees To Better Your Game

Why Should You Purchase An Adjustable Golf Tee? 

Adjustable golf tees have many advantages to improving your game.

With the right adjustable golf tee you can set the correct height for your tee anytime, and anywhere. This is important because it will increase your accuracy when you’re hitting your shots.

Adjustable golf tees are more durable than wooden tees so you will be saving yourself the hassle of purchasing a lot of tees that continue to break.

What Are The Best Adjustable Golf Tees?

1. Telos Tees

Yatta Golf Telos Tees are the best adjustable golf tees out there. Here are some reasons why the Telos Tees are the best adjustable golf tees: 

  • Yatta Golf has made the Telos Tee quick and easy to adjust so you can become as consistent as possible
  • Many plastic tees lose their shape after multiple hits. However, these tees are made out of impact-modified polymer so that it stays extremely durable. No matter how many times you take a shot, the Telos Tee keeps its shape
  • The Telos Tee stays in the ground on impact. If it ever does come out of the ground it's extremely easy to find because it doesn’t go very far, and the brightly colored disks make it easy to find
  • One pack of Telos Tees comes with three tees, and three discs. One of these packs lasts the average golfer an entire season. These are some durable golf tees

These adjustable golf tees are 3 ¼ inches long and are utility and design patented. You won’t have to worry about not being able to compete in a competition with these tees because they are USGA and R&A rule conforming. The discs are designed to go in between, or rest on top of the spheres of the tee. The disc allows you to set it at the correct height consistently for each club you use. Some reviews state that they work and last, is a helpful tool for consistent tee heights, and they are durable and consistent.

2. infiniTEE New Golf Product 2021

The infiniTEE New Golf Product 2021 also has some benefits. Here are some reasons why you might want to try this adjustable golf tee: 

  • This tee is useful for different clubs or mat thicknesses
  • The base and tee materials are durable 
  • This tee can be used on the range, simulator, or during the winter

Some reviews state that it is extremely durable, works as explained, and is excellent for driving range matts. 

3. Sanha Adjustable Golf Tee

The Sanha adjustable golf tee is another option for an adjustable golf tee. Here are some reasons this adjustable golf tee might be for you: 

  •  This tee is used with commercial grass mats that can be found at driving ranges
  • The ball holder is identical to the standard golf tee, so there won’t be a learning curve 
  • The tee is made from top-grade polyurethane 

The Sanha adjustable golf tee is 1. 750” to 3. 375” high. Some reviews state that it fits the mats, is great for home simulators, and that it’s well made.

Adjustable golf tees are great for improving your shots. Try out one of these golf tees and watch your accuracy improve.