The Three Best Reusable Golf Tees

Reusable golf tees come with a load of benefits to improve your golf game. Here’s a list of the best reusable golf tees and why they are incredible. 

1. Telos Tees

Yatta Golf’s Telos Tees is the best reusable golf tee for several reasons.

  • Telos Tees are built with impact-modified polymers for extreme durability. This extreme durability will allow you to reuse the tee round after round.
  • These tees are hard to lose. It’s built to stay in the ground, and if it ever does come out of the ground the brightly colored disc makes it easy to identify on the course. This eliminates the wastefulness of losing tees.
  • One pack of tees lasts the average golfer an entire season. One pack comes with three tees and three discs. You can use these tees all season and not have to buy replacements for broken ones. This is also great for the environment because it reduces waste.

Reviewers have stated: 

  • “They are amazing and he still has only used one for the last 2 months!”
  • “All their products are high quality and look great and last”
  • “I used to break my Tees all the time. Ever since I purchased Telos Tee I haven’t broken a tee in 6+ rounds!”

The Telos Tee is a great option when it comes to reusable golf tees. In addition to the reusable benefits, these are also great for improving consistency. You can adjust the height of the tee depending on the club you use so you can hit at the same height every time. The disc can also act as a ball marker. 

Consider the Telos Tee when looking for reusable golf tees.

2. Green Keepers 4 Yards More Golf Tee

The Green Keepers 4 Yards More Golf Tee comes in a pack of 4 and is 3 ¼ inches long. This reusable golf tee is built to last over 100 drives. 

Reviewers have stated: 

  • “I've been using these tees for several years now and they just tick all the boxes for me!”
  • “...they stay in the ground instead of breaking or flying off when I hit a ball”
  • “Improved my tee shots”

Consider trying out this reusable golf tee. 

3. Callaway Par-Tee Plastic Golf Tees

The Callaway Par-Tee Plastic Golf Tees are also a good option for reusable golf tees because: 

  • These tees boast a durable co-molded construction
  • They claim these tees are virtually unbreakable, and last many rounds before breaking

In addition to these benefits it can also act as a groove cleaner and divot repair tool. Some reviewers have stated: 

  • “Love these tees, last forever (if you don't lose them)”
  • “Durable, easy to orient with arrow, easy to place in hard tee boxes”
  • “A little expensive but I been playing these tee for about 10 rounds, with no problem”

Consider Callaways reusable golf tees.

Reusable golf tees are a fantastic way to better your game, and you’ll be reducing waste as well. Try out one of these tees and see if you like it.