The Seven Best Golf Ball Markers 

Golf ball markers are essential in the game of golf. Golf ball markers are used to mark where your golf ball is on the green. The reason for this is so that other players can putt without your ball getting in the way. Keep reading to find the best golf ball markers out there! 

1. Yatta Golf Telos Tees

Yatta Golf’s Telos Tees are cool because it is an adjustable tee where the disc can also function as a ball marker. This is one of the best golf ball markers because it is multi-functional with the tee. It’s like you’re buying two products for the price of one. All you need to do is remove the brightly colored disc from the tee and use it as a golf ball marker.

Yatta Golf’s Telos Tee discs come in ice blue, fire red, lucky green, hot pink, and sunny yellow so you can easily spot the ball marker on the course (and the tee as well). Consider trying out this golf ball marker tool.

 These are priced at $9.64.

2. Zazzle 

Zazzle is another great option for golf ball markers because you can create it yourself! You can put pictures of loved ones, dogs, a funny quote, or whatever you want to make it personal to you. This is also a great gift idea as well.

These are priced at $14.95.

3. Team Golf Winnipeg Jets Switchfix Divot Tool and Ball Markers Set 

The Winnipeg Jets ball markers are a unique way to show your Winnipeg spirit. This product comes with a divot tool, and three golf ball markers so you can perform at your best.

These are priced at $32.99.


These patriotic golf ball markers are a great way to show your American pride. These golf ball markers are 24.4mm and can be clipped to your hat, or shoes with the clips that are also provided with this bundle. Due to the brightly colored ball markers you’ll be able to spot it with ease on the green.

These are priced at $8.99.


Golters golf ball markers are great because each pack includes two golf cap clips and four golf ball markers. There are also many different designs to choose from to fit your style. These are also colorful so you can find them on the green.

These are priced at $11.99.

6. Kaveno 

Kavenos golf ball markers have a fun and unique fashion design. When you purchase these it will also come with a hat clip as well. It can be attached to a hat, visor, clothes, belts, and pockets.

These are priced at $15.99.

7. Myartte

Myartte golf ball markers are made from premium iron material so it won’t scratch the surface. You’ll get 5 golf ball markers with this purchase. There’s also a variety of other designs you can choose from as well.

These are priced at $9.99. 

Add these best golf ball marker tools to your golf accessory wish list.