The Pros Tips For The Best Chipping Technique And More

 A chip is generally hit close to the green, and is a low shot that spends little time in the air, then rolls toward the hole. Improving your chipping technique is one of the best ways to lower your golf score. Continue reading to learn the best chipping techniques out there! 

1. Add Chipping To Your Warm-Up Routine 

Practicing your golf chipping technique in your warm up will give you the confidence you need when you play on the course. Becoming a great chipper is one of the fastest ways to getting a better golf score. If you’re good at chipping you take the pressure off of your putting, and a missed shot won’t be a big deal because you’d have the skills necessary to make up for a bad shot. Oli Fisher said to try out all your clubs when you are chipping. You have a lot of clubs to choose from and sometimes a 7-iron or a putter is what’s best. Graeme McDowell also stated that club selection is important and that a practice green will be a great asset to you. 

2. Practice Your Swing First

Before taking your shot, step back and take a few practice shots. Taking a practice shot will allow you to get a feel for what you hope to achieve. This step is especially important for beginners so that you can practice chipping correctly. Tyrell Hatton said amateurs lean back through the downswing to get the ball in the air, but it does little to help. It actually causes fat or thin strikes. So make sure to practice your swing first so you can avoid this mistake. Lee Slattery suggests finding a spot where you want the ball to land and choosing your club accordingly. 

3. Have Good Posture

To have good posture, bend forward from the hips and let your arms hang below your shoulders. Having this correct posture will allow you to have the space necessary to swing. You can then tweak your stance and set up so you get the best results possible. Victor Dubuisson suggests securing a tight grip on the club, standing up straighter with the hands higher up and making a putt-like stroke. 

4. Hit Down To Make The Ball Go Up

You want your chip shots to be in the air for a short period of time. To achieve this you want to hit down to make the ball go up. This is also why it's crucial for you to tilt your upper body towards your target. Doing so will aid in making a descending blow. 

5. Rotation, Not Sway

Dustin Johnson stated that you don’t want a lot of sway with your chipping swing, but only rotation. Having a narrower stance will allow you to turn back and through with ease. Dustin also said you should feel like you’re rotating around your left leg during your swing, but you should be shifting back and forth. Richie Ramsay suggests that longer ones have a bit more rotation so your belt buckle is facing the target more.

We hope these tips will be helpful for you and you can achieve better golf chipping technique.