The Most Comfortable Golf Shirts
and Why It Matters

Is being comfortable on the golf course really that important? Do I really need to find the most comfortable golf shirts to perform my best? Keep reading to find out. 

Why Comfortable Golf Shirts Matter

How can a golfer expect to perform at their best if their shirt has a tag that constantly makes them itch, if the shirt is down to their knees, gets untucked after every swing, or if the shirt is too tight? As with any other sport, proper attire that is comfortable will impact a golfers performance.

Making sure your shirt fits properly matters because it can affect your swing. If the polo you’re wearing is restricting your swing in any way, it may be too tight. To check if the shirt is too tight check it by:

  • Running a finger between the sleeve and your skin. Sliding a finger between the sleeve and your skin should be easy, and if it’s not it means the polo is too tight. 
  • Another way to check this is if the shirt is unbuttoned and it’s higher than the top of your chest it’s too tight. You want an unbuttoned shirt to fall at the top of your chest. 

Another way to check the fit is to make sure the shoulder seam sits on the shoulder bone. The sleeve should be slim but not restrictive and fall around the upper bicep. A polo also needs to stay tucked into the pants so make sure it’s a little longer than an average shirt. This matters because you don’t want to worry about having to tuck your shirt back into your pants every time you have to bend down, or swing.

So where can you find the most comfortable golf shirts?

Where Can You Find The Most Comfortable Golf Shirts?

Yatta Golf polos are the most comfortable golf shirts.

Here are some reasons why Yatta Golf Polos are the most comfortable golf shirts:

1. These polos are made out of polyester and spandex. Polyester wicks moisture away so you don’t get soaked in your own sweat. Polyester is strong and durable and will last you a long time. Polyester is also wrinkle resistant, and holds onto the color instead of fading after a few washes. 

      2. Yatta Golf polos utilize spandex because its’ lightweight and breathable which is great for golf! Spandex also doesn’t wear down because of detergents, or oils such as lotions etc. that may be used to stay fresh while playing golf.

          3. Yatta Golf polos allow for optimum flexibility because it has 4 way stretch and it still highlights the players psyche with it’s athletic fit. The athletic fit combined with optimum flexibility allows you to move freely without excessive fabric getting in the way of your game.

              Playing golf in the most comfortable golf shirts has a bigger impact than you may realize.

              Feel the difference and try out Yatta Golf polos!