The Golf Dress Code - The Truth About What To Wear On The Golf Course

Golf course dress codes are different for just about every golf course you go to. Here’s some tips on what you should and shouldn’t wear on the golf course.

How Do I Know What the Dress Code is?

There are a variety of low-high end golf courses and the dress codes can vary.

A low end course may not care about what golfers wear and allow anyone to come on the course and play regardless of their attire, whereas a high end course is very strict in their dress code and may turn golfers away if their attire isn’t within the golf dress code guidelines.

Many golf courses do require a certain dress code though.

The easiest way to find the dress code is to call and ask, or to look up the proper golf attire on their website.

What Should I Wear?

Although many golf courses have different types of dress codes here are the main things you should wear:

  • Your shirt should have a collar. However, some golf courses may allow you to wear a mock-neck, or a blade collar shirt
  • Wear shorts or slacks that have belt loops
  • Wear socks that match your slacks
  • Invest in good shoes that are spikeless, have a soft spike or other non-metal cleats
  • You can wear a cool cap, visor or straw hat on hot days

If you’re not entirely sure what the proper golf attire is, or if it’s a low-high end course, do call the golf course you are attending beforehand to avoid any embarrassment of being turned away.

What Not to Wear

When going to a high end golf course, you don’t want to wear the following:

  • Don’t wear t-shirts, hoodies, or denim jackets
  • Don’t wear jeans, sweatpants, or athletic shorts such as yoga pants or basketball shorts
  • Don’t wear metal spikes because it can tear up the course
  • Boots, sandals, or high heels are not proper shoes to wear
  • Beanies, fedoras or cowboy hats are not permitted
  • If you wear jewelry, leave it at home so it doesn’t get caught or tangled

These guidelines are provided to help you play your best on the golf course. Having restrictive clothing such as denim or bulky jewelry will stop you from playing your best game.

Importance of Feeling Confident in Who You Are

We believe how you dress has an impact on your confidence levels.

Having healthy self esteem has a load of benefits that can improve your golf game more than you think. The benefits of having healthy self esteem are:

  • You will gain more confidence in making day to day decisions. Seeing that golf is all about strategy this is an important factor to golfing.
  • You will gain resilience when setbacks or stress occurs. Golfing is a technical sport and can become frustrating if you don’t know how to handle setbacks.

It is important to feel comfortable in your own skin so wear proper golf attire that can bring out your confidence and improve your self esteem.

Yatta Golf Polos

When looking for proper golf attire, consider Yatta Golf Polos.

These polos are designed with 4 way stretch material so you can move easily on the course. They are also moisture-wicking so you aren’t drenched in sweat.

You will surely feel confident and comfortable, while still following the golf dress code.

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