The Four Best
 Indoor Putting Golf Drills
You Can Do At Home

Whether it’s snowing, raining, or you just want to stay at home, indoor golf drills are great to continuously improve your game. We can’t always make it to the course (although we want to) so learning quick and easy golf drills at home will be useful. Continue reading to learn about the four best indoor putting drills you can do at home.

1. Box Path

Wherever you have space in your home place two boxes on the ground. Place them so that your putter just barely fits between them. Once you’ve done this, start practicing some strokes in between the boxes. This indoor putting drill will help you keep your putter path straight. If you bump your putter into the boxes you’ll know you’re not hitting straight strokes. Watch a demonstration here.

2. Stacked Quarters Drill

The stacked quarters drill is great if you want to work on making solid contact with the ball, but you’ll be using quarters instead of a ball. Here’s how to do it: Stack three quarters on top of eachother and only hit the top quarter off of the stack. Try your best not to hit more than one quarter. This drill will help you get a proper angle of attack on the ball as well as develop a sweeping action in your stroke. If you’d like to see a demonstration of this indoor golf drill go to 0:38 in this video

3. Square Putter Face Drill

This indoor golf drill will help you hit a square putter face at impact. Here's how you do it: take two golf balls and line them up on your putter face. Once they’re lined up take a regular stroke and watch how the balls move. If the ball on the toe of the putter is further ahead it means there’s a closed face at impact and vice versa. You can also do this with a piece of plastic pipe. To see a demonstration of this golf drill at home fast forward to 1:06 in this video

4. Noodle Drill

For this indoor putting drill you will need a foam noodle (you read that right). This golfing drill is to help you be aware of your feet and how they connect to the ground. Connecting your feet with the ground is crucial to stay nice and steady while putting. Here’s how it works: place the noodle on the ground and stand on it in your putting stance for 5-6 seconds. While doing this try to keep your balance, don’t actually hit a putt. Once you’ve done this step off and take a putt. Notice how balanced and connected you feel to the ground. For a demonstration on this indoor putting drill fast forward to 1:50 in this video

Give these indoor golf drills a try and watch your game improve.