The Five Best Golf Putting Tips
That Will Lower Your Score

In this article we will cover putting tips for golf that will lower your score and give you the skills you need to beat your competition. Continue reading to learn more about the best golf putting tips! 

1. Think Of Putting As A Fun Challenge 

If you think of putting as a fun challenge then you may play better.

Instead of placing too much pressure on yourself, make it fun! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your full attention on every short putt though. Look at your putts as something you need to earn, instead of thinking that it’s something you “should” make, or setting unrealistic goals that will make you frustrated. It takes the pressure off, but still gives you the opportunity to improve.

Your attitude is crucial so this putting tip is vital to your success.

2. Don’t Hit The Ball 

I’m not saying you should get bit by a radioactive spider and get telekinetic powers, hear me out. If you want to improve your distance control you need to roll the ball. Hitting up on the ball will make your ball hop which is not what you want.
To make the ball roll, take an open stance with your weight partially over your left side and the putter shaft leaning towards the target. You’ll be able to feel your left hand going out and along the target line, and the leaning of the shaft allows the ball to roll more smoothly instead of bouncing. Put this golf putting tip to the test and see for yourself.

3. Alignment Of The Putter face

Wherever your putter face is pointed, that's where your ball will travel. Your path does influence it, but a lot of where your ball goes has to do with the alignment of the putter face. During your warmup or pre-putt routine, practice aiming your putter face. Take your time aiming the putter face before taking your shot.

4. Don’t Look At The Ball 

Instead of focusing on the ball (which can make you hit poorly), focus on an area just in front of it. Make sure it’s on the target line, and roll the ball over the spot you’re focusing on. You can also place a tee in the ground to practice. The putting skill you will acquire here is it gets you thinking about the target line instead of the stroke you’re about to make. This golf putting tip is great for your mental game.

5. Feedback Is Your Friend

If you want to get better at putting, you need to see what needs to be fixed while you’re putting. There are putting mats that have lines on them so you can see if the ball stays on the line, or not. You will be able to get immediate feedback and adjust as necessary. 

Try out these golf putting tips and start lowering your score today!