The Best Women's Golf Gloves Of 2021

The best women's golf gloves of 2021 are comfortable and stylish. Continue reading to learn about this unique accessory and where you can buy the best golf gloves!

Titleist Perma-Soft Women's Golf Glove

The Titleist perma-soft women's golf glove has a premium fit so you are better connected with your golf club. The satin reinforcement provided on the cuff and thumb gives it more strength and durability.

According to some reviews the pros are: 

  • Great quality and price
  • Great fit 
  • Long lasting 

According to some reviews the cons are: 

  • “I’ve only worn it 4x and it has already shown signs of wear and tear”

G/FORE Women’s Collection Glove

The G/Fore womens glove is made out of AA cabretta leather and conforms to USGA rules. This glove offers superior comfort and fits snugly against the skin. There are a variety of colors to choose from.

According to the reviews some state the pros are: 

  • Last forever 
  • Super soft and great quality 
  • Vibrant colors

According to the reviews some state the cons are: 

  • It stained their hands 
  • The sizing may be off so order a size down

Callaway Golf Women's Weather Spann Premium Japanese Synthetic Golf Glove

Callaways women's golf glove has a great feel, is durable, and has lots of flexibility. The fabric is built to have 4-way stretch, and is moisture wicking. This women's golf glove has perforation on the palm, top of the hand, and fingers so your hand can breathe and reduce moisture build up. The palm patches improve your grip as well. 

Some reviewers said the pros are: 

  • Comfortable fit 
  • Softer than other all weather gloves 
  • Good quality 

Some reviewers said the cons are: 

  • They run small and aren’t true to size 

FootJoy Women's WeatherSof Golf Glove

Footjoy’s women's gloves are durable, fitted, and have breathable mesh for your comfort. The advanced performance leather on the thumb and palm areas increases the grip so you can swing with confidence. The fibers of the material make the glove extremely soft, and still provide a secure grip. The closure allows you to adjust it as necessary so that it’s fitted perfectly to your hand. The breathable mesh that crosses the knuckles gives you comfort and flexibility. 

The reviewers said the pros are: 

  • “Very good price and quality ratio”
  • “Fit is good - I may order a size up next time for when my finger nails are longer”

The reviewers said the cons are: 

  • “I gave them to my wife and she tried golfing with them and the club kept slipping out of her hands”
  • “Runs small - order a size up”
  • “Wore out quickly”

Vice Pure Color Blue Light Women

The Vice pure color blue glove will not only catch peoples eye, but it also meets the very best quality standards. The glove has a built in flexibility so that it fits perfectly with your hand. The materials are made from lambskin leather, and has a flexible Velcro closure. Another great thing about this glove is that they only use dyes that are certified safe for our environment. This glove is breathable, comfortable, and retains its shape. 

There are many amazing women's golf gloves to choose from. Find your style and feel, and crush it on the course!