The Best Men's Golf Shirt Brand
And Why You Need Them 

Men's golf shirts are a great way to express yourself on the course. Finding the right men's golf shirt brand that fits your style is important for your confidence on the course. Continue reading to learn why Yatta Golf is the best men's golf shirt line.


Yatta Golf’s men's golf shirts are high quality, and affordable. Each golf shirt is priced at $39.95 on their website. You won’t have to break the bank to wear these bold men's golf shirts. 

4-Way Stretch Fabric

Wearing golf shirts that are athletically appropriate is important. With Yatta Golf shirts you know you’re getting an athletic shirt that will allow you to perform at your best! The fabric has a 4-way stretch so you can swing with ease. You won’t feel restricted in your movement. 4-way stretch fabric is also more durable than 2-way stretch fabric. 

Moisture Wicking Material

No one likes a sweat soaked shirt while playing golf. When looking for men's golf shirts you’ll want to find ones that have moisture resistance. Yatta Golf shirts are moisture wicking so you stay dry on the course. 

Wrinkle Resistant Fabric

If you like to travel a lot for golf then Yatta Golf’s wrinkle resistant fabric will come in handy. You know you’ll look sharp in a clean pressed golf shirt that doesn’t wrinkle. You can pack up and go without the hassle of ironing. 

Unique Designs

Yatta Golf’s designs are unique and bold. Here’s a list of some of their most popular men's golf shirt designs: 

The Patriot Golf Polo

Show your patriotism with this bold patriotic polo. As stated on their website, “You just can't go wrong repping the land of the free and the home of the brave. Freedom Tastes Best On The Golf Course.”

8-Track Golf Polo

When you wear this shirt you’ll feel like you've been transported to the decade of neon's, the birth of Pac-Man, and a time when the best tunes were played on a magnetic tape. 

Vibe Maikai'i Golf Polo

The name of this shirt is Hawaiian for “Good Vibes Only.” Your mental game is just as important as your physical game. Wearing this shirt is a good mental reminder to have good vibes only. 

Makani 'Olu 'Olu Golf Polo

As stated on their website, “Makani 'Olu 'Olu is the incredibly refreshing breeze that hits on a hot day. We can't change the weather yet, but we can make one of the most breathable, lightweight, and comfortable golf polos on the planet.”

Nō Ka ʻOi Golf Polo

Nō Ka ʻOi means “The Best”. You know you’ll play your best in this high quality polo.

Yatta Golf shirts have a great reputation. Some reviewers have stated: 

  • “Love this shirt and the feel of it is amazing!”
  • “A lot of my clients love the way I dress, this polo has gotten a lot of them saying how sharp it looks…”
  • “... quality did not disappoint whatsoever. Priced great and if I would have known how the quality was before finding it, I would have purchased it much sooner.”

Check out the men’s golf shirts at Yatta Golf.