The Best Indoor Putting Mats
You Need For The Off Season 

If you don’t want to lose all the progress you’ve made during the off season then you need to find indoor putting greens. Golf putting mats will help you maintain your consistency so when the new season comes you won’t be rusty. Continue reading to learn about the best putting mats out there! 

Fiberbuilt Golf 10’X10’ Indoor Putting and Chipping Green

The Fiberbuilt indoor putting greens are perfect for the off season! The turf is made to feel like you’re actually on the green. This golf putting mat runs a 9 on the stimpmeter and in addition to putting you can also practice chipping. Another great aspect about this putting map is you don’t need tools to assemble it. You just take it out of the box and start playing. This product features:

  • Putting holes with metal cups to create a realistic sound and feel 
  • Three hole cutouts 
  • Lightweight, durable and water resistant


The putterball golf putting mat can be enjoyed by any type of golfer. It can be easily transported and is easy to set up. When you buy the putterball golf putting mat you don’t just buy the matt, it also comes with: 

  • Two golf balls 
  • Two putters that are good for left and right handed golfers 
  • 12 turf hold covers 

Try out this best putting mat with your buddies on the off season. 

Tour Links 4’X12’ Premium Indoor Putting Green 

The tour links indoor putting green is great for the off season! They claim it’s the closest thing you can get to actually being on the course. This putting green can be expanded and relocated with ease. The tour links indoor putting green features:

  • 8 straight edge panels 
  • 2 cups 
  • 2 pins 
  • 6 packs of bump rails clips 

There’s a lot more included with the tour links indoor putting green. Check it out and see if you like it. 

PuttOut Pro Putting Mat

The puttout pro putting mat is an affordable indoor putting green priced at $89.99. This golf putting map is marked with alignment lines and distance marking so you can visually see the changes you make. This product features: 

  • Medium to fast green-like surface 
  • Extra thick rubber backing so it's crease-free
  • A variety of putting drills 

Putting Green with Gravity Fed Golf Ball Return

The putting green with gravity fed golf ball return, by Hey! Play!, is another awesome indoor putting mat that won’t drain your wallet. It’s priced at $54.38 and is great for beginners and experienced golfers as well. This golf putting mat can be used indoors or outdoors. This product features: 

  • Automatic ball return 
  • Two different sized holes 

Try out this golf putting mat during the off season to keep beating (or start beating) your buddies.

Try out one of these indoor golf putting mats during the off season and watch yourself improve.