The Best Golf Gloves For Men That Will Improve Your Game

The best men's golf gloves give you improved grip so you can do better on your drives and long-iron shots. This simple golf accessory can give you the edge needed to beat your opponents and come out on top. Continue reading for a list of the best men's golf gloves out there. 

Asher’s Bone Men’s Golf Glove

Asher’s Bone golf glove for men is a high quality golf glove made from AAA Cabretta Leather. This glove is made from the best materials and gives you a unique look with it’s color and style. There’s a colored tab and thumb to add some style, and it also has a leather closure so it can fit securely to your hand. There are golf gloves for left, and right handed golfers and the sizes range from Small to XX-Large.

Tour Preferred Glove

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred glove is a high quality glove that has been worn by Rickie Fowler. This mens golf glove is made from AAA Cabretta Soft Tech Leather to provide you with optimal comfort, fit, and feel. This glove is built to provide breathability, and has a moisture wicking wristband. You won’t need to worry about stinky sweat build up because the glove is antimicrobial. To ensure that the glove fits as snuggly as possible there's a stretch fit tab as well.

Here’s what some reviewers say about the glove: 

  • “Great glove but Velcro is weak” 
  • “Nice feel to the glove, but not durable”
  • “Feel, grip, and fit are amazing” 
  • “By far the best glove out there” 

Nike Tour Classic 3

The Nike Tour Classic 3 men's golf glove is breathable, provides comfort, and is durable. This glove is made out of Cabretta Leather and has perforated fingers so that your hands can breathe. The perforation and stretchy material also allow flexibility. The angled closure on the glove allows you to fit the glove to your hand perfectly. 

Here’s what some reviewers have to say about this men's golf glove: 

  • “This glove gets the job done”
  • “Awesome quality glove”
  • “Very soft”

UA Storm Golf Gloves 

The UA Storm golf gloves will keep you dry in wet weather. These gloves repel rain and still remain breathable so you aren’t sweaty, but your hands stay dry. The UA Storm technology keeps your hands cool and dry no matter the weather conditions. There’s plenty of grip on the glove so you can play in wet conditions. The closure tab makes it so you can adjust the glove to fit your hand.

Here’s what a reviewer had to say about these golf gloves: 

  • “These gloves have a nice snug fit, not only good in cool wet weather but also in warm weather”

Snow Camo

The Snow Camo men's golf glove is made from AAA 100% Cabretta Leather. This material is soft, yet durable, and provides a strong grip. There are perforated and stretch zones on the glove so it's flexible, and breathable. There's dry cuff lining around the wrists so it stays dry while you play. These golf gloves are also USGA conforming.

Check out these golf gloves for men and see what works best for you and your game.