The Best Flexibility And Golf Mobility
Exercises For Seniors

Golf is an awesome sport for seniors! Golf stretches for seniors are an important factor in avoiding injuries. Stretching and golf flexibility exercises for seniors will help you stay mobile and continue to enjoy the wonderful game of golf. Continue reading for the best golf mobility exercises for seniors. 

1. Open Books

The Open Book golf mobility exercise is great if you need help with your swing. To perform this exercise you will lay in the fetal position with your knees bent, and pulled up as high as you can. You will then extend your arms and place your palms together. Then take your top hand and extend it back as far as you can go. If your knees start to come unglued you will hold it down with the arm that’s not extending. Keep repeating this for 10-15 times, and switch sides.

For a tutorial on how to perform the Open Book golf mobility exercise fast forward to 0:51 in this video

2. Glute Exercise

This exercise will work your glutes and your core. To perform this exercise you will lay on your back with your knees bent and start doing a pelvic tilt. To execute the pelvic tilt you will lift your buttocks slightly off of the floor, while pushing your back into the ground. Picture it like you're pushing the strings of your pants to your chin. You will then push the strings away from your chin so there's a gap between your back and the floor. You will then go back to the pelvic tilt position and hold that pose so it works your glutes. You will want to be pushing through your heels and keeping your arms off the ground so your glutes do all the work. Then lift up just a little higher and hold it for 60 seconds.

To see a demonstration of this mobility exercise for seniors fast forward to 4:00 in this video.

3. Shoulder Stretch

This golf flexibility exercise for seniors is an awesome shoulder stretch. All you need is a rod, pipe or a golf club. Place a hand on top of the pipe with your thumb resting on top of it. With the other hand grab the bottom and press your arm backwards. You’ll want to make sure you don’t overextend your back, but keep it nice and straight. This will give you a good stretch. Repeat on the opposite side.

For a tutorial on how to perform this golf stretch for seniors fast forward to 0:24 in this video

Golf can be enjoyed throughout our entire lives with the proper golf mobility exercises for seniors. Consider working with a personal trainer to create golf stretches that work for your specific needs.