The Best Cold Weather Golf Gear For Men

Cold weather golf gear is just what you need so you can play through the winter season. Continue reading to learn about the best winter golf gear out there.

Men's ColdGear Infrared Pants

These ColdGear Infrared Pants for men are sure to keep you warm in any cold weather condition. These pants will hold in your body heat without the annoying bulk, or heavy fabric. The fabric repels water and dries really fast. These pants offer 4-way stretch and are extremely comfortable. These cold weather golf pants are priced at $95.

Reviewers have stated:

  • “Its great and was super comfortable”
  • “Cold weather warmth in a breathable light fabric”
  • “Pants are warm and very flexible. The material is good”

Champ Hoodie

The Champ Hoodie is priced at $210 and comes in black and blue. This unique hoodie repels water from showers and drizzles so you don’t have to wear a rain jacket. This cold weather golf hoodie features 4 way stretch, water repellent fabric, and is lightweight for your convenience.

Reviewers have stated:

  •  “Great for golfing on colder days”
  • “Not sloppy looking but not skin tight either”
  • “On the course, it has the stretch based material to allow for comfort”

Heater Long Sleeve

One of the best winter golf gear options is the Heater Long Sleeve shirt. The Heater Long Sleeve shirt is lightweight, allows you to move freely due to the 4-way stretch and has enhanced quick dry. This shirt is priced at $104.95.

Reviewers have stated:

  • “Very comfortable for cool weather golfing”
  • “For a long sleeve I don’t feel warm or hot. Material is excellent”

Winter Golf Boots

These Winter Golf Boots are just what you need to protect you from wet conditions on the course. These winter golf boots are priced at $129.99. This cold weather golf gear is 100% waterproof, and has enhanced traction for performance and durability.

 Reviewers have stated:

  • “Perfect for wet sloppy courses and keep your feet warm and dry”
  • “These are comfortable and provide excellent traction”
  • “The most comfortable pair of golf shoes I have ever tried”

Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Cold Weather Golf Gloves 

Callaways Golf Thermal Grip Cold Weather Golf Gloves are priced at $29.95. This golf weather golf gear is made to improve your grip in wet conditions. The Opti Shield Microfiber Outer Shell is made to repel water and protects your hand from the wind. The inner lining will keep your hands warm.

 Reviewers have stated:

  • “Great combo of all needed features for cold weather golf gloves”
  • “They do work, but don't expect them to last”
  • “Best option for cold and wet conditions”

Merino Wool Earband

The Merino Wool Earband is priced at $22. This earband is inspired by the Tour Players. The merino wool is made to keep you warm during the winter season, and has a performance liner.

Reviewers have stated:

  • “Great edition to the golf bag when it gets cold or windy”
  • “Very tight fit with no give”

This winter season make sure you stay warm with these cold weather golf clothes.