The 6 Best Golf Books for Beginners

New golfers may feel overwhelmed by all the rules, and techniques of golf. Luckily there are golf books for beginners. Continue reading to learn more about the best golf books for beginners.

The Little Book of Breaking 80
By Shane Jones

The Little Book of Breaking 80- How to Shoot in the 70’s (Almost) Every Time You Play Golf by Shane Jones, addresses how to break 80 after his own personal experience of trial and error for 30 years. Shane’s book doesn’t go over swing techniques, but instead focuses on how to break 80 with sound principles. After reading the 184 pages, you should be able to consistently break 80. This book was written to help golfers of all levels improve their game. Consider purchasing this golf book for beginners!

Golf Magazine's Big Book of Basics
By Golf Magazine  

Golf Magazine's Big Book of Basics: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Building A Complete and Reliable Game From the Ground Up With the Top 100 Teachers in America is filled with everything you need to build a reliable game from the ground up! Setup, swing, mental preparation and skills on how to be a better playing partner is some of what this book focuses on. This book was written by the top 100 teachers in America and they answer questions in relation to the basic principles of hitting straighter shots, and the clubs you need to use to hit better shots. Lastly, it covers key rules, golfing etiquette, and equipment issues. This best golf book for beginners has everything you need to improve in golf. 

How to Play Golf For Beginners
By Roger Banks  

How to Play Golf For Beginners: A Guide to Learn the Golf Rules, Etiquette, Clubs, Balls, Types of Play, & A Practice Schedule by Roger Banks is a great golf book for people who are new to golfing. This book covers the various types of golf courses you can play on, different golf strokes and what their purposes are, as well as how to play golf! If you’re looking to learn about the rules of golf, how to calculate handicaps, proper golfing etiquette, what kind of gear you need, and the numerous types of golf play you can enjoy, then pick up this book today! You can purchase this book on Amazon in audiobook, Kindle, or paperback form.

Golf For Dummies
By Gary McCord   

Golf For Dummies is updated to provide you with current information in regards to golf. Golf for Dummies has expert advice on what you need to do to improve mental aspects and the fundamentals of golf. Gary McCord provides an easy to understand guide on how to hit farther and straighter, and also how to shave strokes off of your golf game. This best golf book is for you if you want updated instructions on grips, stances, and swings, as well as new tips from the best golf players, and information on the latest golf equipment and technology that can improve your golf game. Try out this book today!

Golf Rules and Etiquette For Dummies 
By John Steinbreder  

Being a beginning golfer can be a challenge if you don’t know the rules or etiquette of golf. Golf Rules and Etiquette For Dummies will help bridge the gap between this dilemma. This great golf book for beginners goes over the do’s and don’ts of golf etiquette such as how to dress and betting on the game, tips on how to survive a business golf outing, and other advice on cell phone use, and how to behave being a spectator and player.
You can purchase this on Amazon in Kindle or paperback form. Check it out today for great tips on golf rules and etiquette!

The Women's Guide to Golf: A Handbook for Beginners 
By Kellie Stenzel  

Kellie Stenzel was frequently asked to recommend books that would help the beginning golfer but didn’t find any that were suitable, so she wrote The Women's Guide to Golf: A Handbook for Beginners to help give easy to understand golf instructions for women. Kellie provides a thorough explanation of the game that anyone can understand, suggestions on how to avoid embarrassment as a new golfer, anecdotes to help you, and over 75 photos to help demonstrate how to golf! Lastly, this book has a glossary depicting all the lingo of golfing so you never will be left wondering. Check out this best beginners golf book today to gain more knowledge on the wonderful game of golf!

We hope you enjoy thumbing through these books and wish you the best of luck on your golf game!