The 5 Best Patriotic Golf Shirts 

Patriotic golf shirts are the perfect way to show your American pride, and look classy on the golf course. Below is a list of the top five best patriotic golf shirts. 

1. Yatta Golf Patriot Golf Polo

Yatta Golf’s patriotic golf shirt is our number one recommendation to show your patriotism. Here’s why you should buy this shirt: 

  • This patriotic shirt offers 4-way stretch. This 4-way stretch provides the movement you need to swing and not be restricted. 
  • The fabric contains moisture wicking properties so you can stay dry on a hot day. 
  • The fabric is wrinkle resistant which means you won’t have to pull out the iron everyday to wear it. A wrinkle resistant fabric also makes traveling easier so you don’t have to waste time ironing, you can just show up and play.
  • This patriotic shirt has an athletic fit so there’s no access fabric that gets in the way of your game.
  • This shirt is made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex for your comfort.

    As they state on their website there's, “Absolutely nothing better than the Red, White, and Blue.” This patriotic shirt is a great representation of freedom that can be worn on and off the course.

2. Americana Polo 

The Americana patriotic golf polo is our second choice. Here’s some features of this patriotic golf polo: 

  • It’s comfortable, laid back, but looks classy. 
  • 4-way stretch fabric for mobility. 
  • Resistant to sweat, odor, or spills.
  • USAG logo on the sleeve. 
  • UPF rating 50 to protect you from the sun.

    This shirt provides a great classy look for on and off the course.

3. Men’s Made In USA Patriotic Tech Polo Shirt

The men's made in the USA patriotic shirt is made for proud Americans. This shirt features: 

  • Dry-wicking material that keeps you cool and comfortable.
  • Uncompromising style. 
  • Durable fabric that will last for years.

    This stars and stripes design will undoubtedly turn some heads whether you're at a barbeque or on the golf course. 

4. American Flag Patriotic Golf Shirt- Hreski 150

This American Flag golf shirt made by Hreski is loud and proud. This shirt features: 

  • Soft fabric for your comfort.
  • This shirt fits true to size and ranges from small to 3XL. 
  • The fabric has a light stretch so you won’t have restrictions while playing.

    Show your American pride while wearing this bold golf shirt.

5. All American 

The All American patriotic golf shirt has a unique design with different golf features in red, white, and blue. This shirt features: 

  • Soft material.
  • This polo prevents you from overheating because it is breathable.
  • Zero restrictions so you can move freely on and off the course.

    Look good on and off the course with this patriotic golf shirt.

There are many different ways to show your patriotism. Find the style that works best for you and let the American pride shine!