Simple Steps For How To Play Golf For Beginners 

Golf is a great sport to start playing no matter what age you are. In this article you will learn how to play golf so you can crush it on the course. Continue reading to learn more about golf rules for beginners.

What Should I Be Trying To Achieve? 

In golf you want to get your golf ball from your starting point, to the green, and into the physical hole on the golf course in as few shots as possible. Having a low score in golf means you are doing great, you don’t want a high score. 

Order Of Play And Tee Box Rules

Typically, the player who is furthest from the hole goes first. Some golfers however like to play “ready golf” which means that whoever is ready to swing takes their turn next. If you do play “ready golf” make sure everyone in your party is okay with playing that way. As a general rule, make sure everyone is on the same page with order of play.

When teeing up you want to make sure you tee up behind the tee marker lines. Be sure to think strategically about where you want to tee up. You can tee up as far back as the length of two drivers. If your ball falls off the tee while you are teeing up it won’t count against you. Simply place the ball back on the tee and get ready to swing. On the other hand, if you take your swing and miss and the ball falls off it will count as a shot.

The Golf Ball 

The golf ball is a critical accessory in the game of golf because you can’t play without it. You should try to hit the ball with one strike and avoid scooping or moving golf balls from where they lie. You’re not allowed to adjust the golf ball for a better swing. Whether your ball lands in a bunker, or near a water hazard you must play it as it lies.

You are also not allowed to place anything in front of your ball that will allow you to aim your swing.

Another thing you want to do is clearly mark your golf ball so you know which one is yours. If you hit someone else's golf ball it will result in a two stroke penalty. To make sure you don’t get the penalty, ask the other player to use a ball marker to mark where their ball is on the course. A ball marker is used as a placeholder when removing the ball from the course. Once you’ve taken your turn the other player can place their ball in the same spot it was in.

Yatta Golf’s adjustable Telos Tee comes with a disc to adjust the height, but also acts as a ball marker if needed.

How To Keep Score

Once you've completed your rounds you will add up the total number of shots taken at each hole and add them all together. 

How To Win

Once you’ve completed 18 holes, whoever has the lowest score wins. 

Golf is a great mental and physical sport. Now that you know how to play golf a little more grab your buddies and head to the course.