Polos for Golfing -
What To Look For & What to Avoid

Finding the right polos for golfing is important because it will affect how you play the game. Below is a list of materials you’ll want to avoid, and materials you should look for when selecting polos for golfing.

What Materials Should I Avoid?

Let's take a look at cotton, fleece and denim fabrics.

You will want to find a polo that you can move easily in, and will stretch as you take your swings. We suggest avoiding denim fabric because it is thick and heavy, and you want to feel light and have stretch in your polo fabrics. Denim can trap heat which could make you overheat. Another disadvantage to denim is that it stretches out over time so the quality of the polo will go down. Denim should be a fabric you avoid when looking for polos for golf.

Cotton fabrics typically hold onto sweat because it doesn’t dry quickly due to the absence of moisture wicking properties. This will cause the fabric to not insulate properly because the air pockets are full of liquid. When you’re out on the golf course you’ll want to find materials that are moisture wicking so you’re not trapped in a sponge like shirt. Cotton is also likely to shrink in the cleaning process, which can be frustrating since most businesses don’t let you return clothes once they’ve been washed. 

Fleece is great for a cold day, but not for a day on the golf course. Fleece traps in heat and holds onto moisture. Just like cotton fabric, there isn’t a lot of ventilation when the fabric becomes wet. Fleece traps moisture and reduces ventilation and you don’t want that when golfing. Another negative aspect of fleece is that it can have pilling. Pilling is when the fabric starts to ball up and creates bumps along the fabric. 

What Materials Should I Look For? 

There are two types of fabrics we think are the best for polos for golf: Polyester and spandex.

As we stated above, you don’t want fabrics like cotton, fleece, or denim because they don’t have moisture wicking properties. Polyester however does have moisture wicking properties so you won’t be drenched in sweat. Polos made from polyester are lightweight and durable and will retain their shape while you're playing golf. Another great thing about polyester is that it is flexible. Golf is a physical sport so it will be important to find shirts that allow you to move smoothly.

Spandex material is made for active wear, and since golf is an active sport we suggest finding polos made with spandex. Polos made from spandex have 4 way stretch, are durable, wick moisture away, and are comfortable to wear. 

However you decide to find your polo for golfing, choose ones that have polyester and spandex for optimal performance.