Plastic Vs. Wooden Tees: What Works Best For Your Swing 

When it comes to your swing the type of tee you use will impact the quality of your swing. In this article we are going to address if plastic or wooden tees work best for your swing. Continue reading to learn more. 

Why Do Tees Matter? 

Tees are extremely important for your game! A good golf tee will help you make better contact with your club, and provide a buffer between the ground and your ball so you can hit it more accurately. 

Plastic Vs. Wooden Tees- What Works Best?

Let's look at the difference between plastic and wooden tees and see which works best.

Plastic Tees

Plastic tees work best if you’re wanting to reduce the amount of friction between the ball and the tee. There are zero friction tees that support the ball and reduce resistance provided from the tee. Plastic tees are also more flexible than wooden tees. This is great for your swing because when you hit powerfully your tee will stay in tact instead of exploding on impact. Plastic tees are nearly impossible to break because they are more flexible than wooden tees. A downside of plastic tees is they take a lot longer to break down, and they may bend out of shape.

Wooden Tees 

Wooden tees are much easier to get into the ground in comparison to plastic tees because they are more stiff. Wooden tees don’t take as long to break down because they are biodegradable. Wooden tees are less expensive than plastic tees. Some down sides are that they are hard to find when they come out of the ground, they are more likely to break if they are forced into the ground, and it may leave marks on your clubs when it makes contact.

So Which One Works Best?

No matter your skill level, we believe plastic tees to be the best tee because they are harder to break, help you hit straighter, and it helps reduce the friction between your ball and the tee. We suggest using Yatta Golf’s Telos Tees if you're a beginner, have a high handicap, amateur, or pro golfer (or any golfer at that!) Here’s why:

1. Yatta Golf’s tees have an adjustable disk so you can set the height correctly, and consistently for whatever type of club you use. This will help improve your swing because you’ll have a higher chance of hitting the ball correctly on the club face.

2. Whether you’re a beginner or a regular golfer, your wallet takes a hit with all the wooden tees that get broken. With the Telos Tee you won’t have to worry about that. One pack of tees is built to last the average golfer an entire season. Because of this you end up saving a lot of money. 

3. Because the Telos Tee is made from impact modified polymer it’s extremely durable and can retain its shape. This means the power of your swing won't break the tee!

4. As an added perk, the brightly colored disk can be used as a ball marker, and it makes it easier to find the tee if it comes out of the ground.

Whether you're just beginning, have a high handicap, or have been golfing for years, plastic tees are what works best to improve your swing.