Patterned Golf Shirts - Look Good. Feel Good. Crush It On The Course

Patterned golf polos are becoming more and more popular. From amateurs to pros these shirts are making statements out on the course. Below is a list of famous golfers wearing patterned golf polos, and where you can buy some for yourself!

Famous Golfers Wearing Patterned Golf Shirts

John Daly

John Daly isn’t just known for his amazing golf career, but also for his uniquely patterned golf attire. From soft pink, to bright green, to yellow John Daly is repping those patterned golf polos, and pants. 

Rickie Fowler

With 5 PGA tour victories Rickie Fowler has made a name for himself. He has also stood out among the crowds with his patterned golf polos. He’s boldly worn vibrant orange attire from head to toe, stunning blue, and of course stripes. 

Daniel Chopra

With 9 international victories and 3 Korn Ferry victories Daniel Chopra is a known legend among golf fans. Daniel Chopra repped this multicolored patterned golf polo on the course in 2007. 

The pro’s aren’t the only ones who can rep cool patterned golf shirts. Continue reading to learn about patterned golf polos you can wear on the course too.

Where Can You Get Patterned Golf Shirts?

Yatta Golf

It’s one thing to see pros like John Daly, Rickie Fowler, and Daniel Chopra showcasing their patterned golf shirts, and another to go out and find some yourself. We’ve selected Yatta Golf as a great option to start collecting men's patterned golf shirts. Your attire has more of an impact on your game that you may realize.

Yatta Golf is always designing new polos and releases new designs frequently. Below is a list of some of their polos and why we think these are the best patterned golf shirts.

The Patriot Golf Polo

Yatta Golf’s best selling polo is The Patriot Golf Polo. They state, “You just can't go wrong repping the land of the free and the home of the brave.” You’re sure to stand out on the course wearing this patterned golf shirt.

Kahakai Polū Golf Polo

This patterned golf shirt is designed to make it feel like you’re in paradise on the coast. Kahakai translates to taking a deep breath and reflecting on the perfect Hawaiian day. Taking deep breaths on the course and envisioning a perfect day is sure to play out in your game.

Primal Forest Golf Polo

Combining nature elements into a golf polo is a great way to set yourself apart from other golfers. If you like nature, golf, and being outdoors then this is a great pick for you.

Pau Hana Golf Polo

Yatta Golf states that Pau Hana translates to "it's time to hit the links with my golf mates for some drinks, a killer round, and a good time." This athletic fitted golf polo is sure to remind you of your love for golfing.

Shaka Life Golf Polo

Patterned golf polos don’t just look cool, but can have a deeper meaning behind it. This polo’s design is straight from Hawaii with good vibes and can provide extra luck while playing. The term “Shaka” translates to “things are great”, “take it easy”, and “hang loose”. Having that meaning literally on your back has the opportunity to create a more enjoyable golf experience.

Check out more awesome patterned golf polos and choose some that make you look and feel good.